I'm stuck for six months on one level

So, I’m at 42 lvl now. The problem is that I was on that lvl for half a year and I did reviews every single day. My daily review dose was about 500 items at some point and about 200 right now. My apprentice-guru-etc distribution is on the screenshot.

And lvl icon look slike that
I repeat - I’m not slacking, I’m doing all reviews every day. Sadly correct answer ratio dropped to about 50%, while about year ago I usually had it about 80-90%. I also should mention that I’m using reorder script which which makes things faster, because at this point I’m annoyed to do reviews every day without any progress. This script.
The question is - what the hell am I doing wrong?

Are you finding that you’re getting the same items wrong over and over? If so, you have some leeches.


6 months on one level is impressive :slight_smile:

Have you tried using a leech detector script? That might show you if you have a lot of kanji from this level that is stuck in apprentice.

142 apprentice items is a lot so that explains the large daily workload. Also, seeing ‘master’ items less than ‘guru’ suggests that stuff isn’t getting above guru and you’re in a kind of leech hell.

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Ok, I installed this script. 142/144 of apprentice and 370/450 of guru items is leeches. That’s, like, really bad, I guess? :sweat_smile: I can see this list of leeches, so now am I supposed to read through it, memorizing all of the items? Or is there other way to practice it?

UPD: found an article about dealing with them. Yeah, it seems the only way is to read thoroughly the whole list.

UPD2: What is recommended level to keep apprentice, guru items at?

In my opinion, apprentice items start becoming unbearable at 150, 130 is bearable. 100 is ideal. Below that is in the “easy standards”. Your problem is mainly with the leeches, not the usual items. This does not apply to you, since almost 100% of your items are leeches.

I would also advise you to install this script: it allows you to do extra reviews of the leeches.


If you go to the statistics site you can get an image of your leaches

It would give you an immediate clue about where your problems are without having to go one by one.
You’ll be able to see if there are batches of leeches in particular levels.
If the problems are with recent levels I would reset a few levels back.


One other thing, besides what other people mentioned. Do you read often? If you can try to make some time for that, I think it makes a big difference at this stage in the game for remembering everything. Just a thought. Best of luck!


I also spent 6 months on level 42!!! What a coincidence. :slight_smile:

And I had the same problem. I wasn’t paying attention to my daily queue size and they just exploded at some point and I was overwhelmed. I sat on level 42 until I got my daily queue size to about 50. Now I try to keep it at around 100. I’d say hang in there!

I also installed the ignore script at level 42. When you’re buried in reviews, sending a burn item back 2 levels because of a typo hurts. (Also a good way to get rid of the more nasty leeches ; )




42 is The Answer!
(for me it seems to be 37 though)…


Another level 42er! :slight_smile:

42 may be the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but now we know the question to the answer.

At what level do users get stuck at on Wanikani? :crabigator:


The direct answer is probably that you have more than 10% of the kanji in your current level or a few radicals as leeches and can’t get them to Guru.

Still, it is better to clean up than just adding more stuff on top.

Are you practicing outside of Wanikani?

I write down all my wrong answers about 10 times each.
If you level up, you’re only giving yourself more items to study.

Instead, don’t worry about leveling and more about accuracy.
I had a look at your wall of shame.
I can only recommend you try a different method that works for you where you can learn your apprentice items in a better way.
Have you tried creating some flashcards? Your Apprentice items is fairly low, you can spend some time reviewing them offline.

I had the same problem, till i got frustrated and decided to reset. All those leeches weren’t getting any better and my reviews were taking up too much of my time (i had 200 in the morning and another 100 - 200 when i got home from work). Now i’m going through much slower.

Oh no. I just entered a race to reach level 60 and I’m only two weeks away. :scream:

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