I'm Having Trouble with Kanji Number Readings

When I’m doing my review for numbers, I’m confused about which kanji reading I should put?
For example, with seven, do I put shichi or nana? There is also nine that has both ku and kyuu.
Any tips for which one to use?


For the word (purple) both readings are accepted. Put in one or the other, not both.

For the kanji (pink), nine accepts both answers. Seven wants shichi, but will shake for Nana and will ask again. Neither answer is wrong, so there’s no problem.

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Yeah, seven is a bit of a weird one in that its readings tend to be fairly interchangeable. Four as well, to a lesser extent. There are certain times where one reading or the other would be particularly expected - for example, 四人 is よにん because しにん sounds like 死人 = corpse, but 七人 could be しちにん or ななにん (though the former is somewhat more common).


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