If I can't finish Genki 2, at which chapter do I stand a fair chance of passing N4?

I’ve been working with a tutor going through Genki, but I’ve had more trouble with the grammar than anticipated, and I know that at my current pace I will not be able to cover the entirety of Genki I and II by the time of the JLPT in July.
If I am not able to completely finish Genki 2, by which chapter would I stand a good chance of passing N4 even if I don’t know everything? Do you think I’d stand a chance if I on ly reach chapter `17 or 19?

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I think you should pick up a grammar book like ShinKanzen Master, Try N4 or Soumatome N4 which can take like 3 months to complete if done well. Genki can be long, but you still have until July so it maybe let the tutor know your goals so they can work towards that?

What grammar points the test uses isn’t 100% known + there are other factors that go into passing or not passing (like reading speed and listening comprehension but also just anxiety, how used you are to the type of questions, and some luck), so it’s hard to give a specific chapter you could end on

I’d suggest just doing some practice questions occasionally to see how you feel + what specifically you struggle with. It’s a good idea to do at least one practice test in advance anyway. There are official sample questions on the JLPT website. There’s also I think one free test if you search + if you run out of questions there are places to get old test leaks as well as official practice test booklets. There’s also the TTBJ (a one-hour free exam that gives you an estimated JLPT level but is completely different from the JLPT)

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