I Wrote Another Article - Its A Messy One

Obviously we have to skip almost all of the vocabulary since we have too little time for it.



Cheat-learning for 30 minutes teaches me more than an hour of ‘honest’ study. An hour still isn’t enough, but as long as I keep at it this is highly effective and comes with nice side-effects such as never losing motivation cause things are easy or training my memory


You do you, you beautiful disaster. :+1:


What will you be able to do once you are level 60? Some forum users might say “ If you only used WaniKani you’ll be able to do basically nothing”. I say that’s not true. The world isn’t binary. You can read simple texts […]

Yeah, but you’re just as prepared for simple texts at level 30 than at level 60, as they won’t have any complex kanji. Or even at level 1, if you go for a kid story that uses only hiragana.

At the end of the day, you do you, but you really don’t have to wait until level 60 to start reading. In fact, maybe slow down once you reach ~30 and use your extra time for reading simple texts rather than powering through.


I mean, you can power through a story at any level with enough kanji look up. The key thing is how much you are going to look up.

By the sounds of it, they are using only WaniKani, which won’t allow for a please t experience with anything, since they are missing grammar (super important), and kana only words, along with a bunch of common kanji uses that WK never covers.


Funny, the reactions in here are very predictable. Since you’ve made it crystal clear that this isn’t meant as a guide for anyone who takes the “learning Japanese” part seriously, I have absolutely no problem with what you’re suggesting here. I mean, I’m reasonably sure you’ll end up frustrated and hopelessly lost at some point, and that you’ll end up seeing kanji and thinking to yourself: “Oh yeah, I know that one! Seen it lots of times. No idea what it means or how to pronounce it!” – but maybe I’m wrong, and anyhow it won’t hurt anyone else.

Now, the thing I really take issue with is the first image caption:

Predictions for upcoming reviews using the WaniKani Ultimate Timeline script

No sir, that’s the native dashboard right there. No scripts required.


Well, very simple texts (like level 0 graded readers) won’t have much (if any) in the way grammar. Agreed, they will also have 0 kanji, so the whole point of reaching level 60 for that disappears.


I won’t start reading until level 69.
That’s my nindo

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Legit. Apologies for that mistake, will edit that right away. One of the reasons I didn’t publish this article with any publication is so I can do fixes just like that one (I also fixed the cheating part about only doing radicals/kanji with the scale - totally overlooked that at first).


Nice Projection, All 3 volumes of RTK (digital) cost roughly the same as 3 months of wanikani, or you can use the basic method of it and make/download an Anki deck, or go to any listing site of Kanji and start picking 20 to review a day.

I just don’t understand why to use Wanikani to get to level 60 in this way, other than your article just using it as a goal to achieve


Jokes on you I dont cheat and still know nothing :sunglasses:


Oh, my bad there. Must be that I’m just too confused to work out the logic behind this!

Although it’s not me who’s paying for a language learning service that I just keep cheating my way through and trying to rationalize my decision by writing an article about it and posting that on a forum.
But then again, it’s none of my business.


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I can’t shake the feeling that this is less about your desire to learn Japanese and mostly about your urge to cast yourself as someone “the community” will “look at sideways” to elicit reactions for the sake of it. Although I realize that my pointing it out may just be enabling it further.

Anyhow, you paid for access to the site, you can do with it what you will.


Yes Crabigator-Inquisitor.
This comment here
Also this one @kipufogogaz

Who could have anticipated such a backlash! Clearly I should not have called this how to learn Kanji. Oh wait I didn’t. Was it that I didn’t mention the part about how to stay on track when time is scarce? Did that too. Yeah I don’t get it.


A trilogy on how to write thousands of scribbles the right way. None of which I will ever use unless I send a Japanese postcard perhaps.

Look I have all the respect in the world for people that want to learn how to write by hand. But for the vast majority of people it’s fairly pointless. Anki decks are most of the time straight gomi ゴミ garbage my nakama NAKAMA IS JAPANESE AND MEANS COMRADE OR BUDDY (old sub/dub joke;) and and uuh arguments!

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My biggest gripe is the utter misuse of the “80/20 rule.” If you were in one of my business classes, I’d mark you down just for that.

But, to the point of the article, you never really establish why it would be beneficial to cheat the system. WK is affordable as a tool for learning kanji. However, it’s expensive as a daily time waster. If you want to learn the kanji with no vocabulary, RTK is a more effective resource. If you want to learn Japanese, there’s no benefit to short-changing any part of the studying process. You could slow down WK, and that’s something many people do at some point, but you can’t skip the sheer hours of learning that comprises that majority of the process.


I submitted it to https://www.reddup.co/r/languagelearningjerk but it’'s not up yet, will keep you posted
Edit: nevermind, got beaten to it :frowning:

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… Just to let you know, that subreddit is made to make fun of bad language learning opinions…