I will quit WK because of the new update

Aww thank you :3 Remember to check the settings if you dont like the defaults, most things can be customized. It uses the wkof settings framework, you can find it in the menu here (navigate to “RKV tiny bars”, the original name of the script):

Also note that @Kumirei 's amazing Reorder Omega has been very recently (last 24h) updated, too. With that one working again, I find the wanikani webapp experience to be somewhat usable again (which is good, as much as I love Flaming Durtles, I really get hand cramps when doing 100 reviews on my phone…).

Really need my back-to-back reviews, reading first. Reorder Omega is literally a necessity for me to use the webapp. SUPER happy to see it updated so quickly, now I can grind away again without the phone!