I was sure I wasn't going to need this vocab any time soon




Is that ラムネ?

I approve.

EDIT: Didnt know I could click it to see the full thing lul. New btw


I wonder if the ビー part is supposed to sound like bead, because ビー玉 sure doesn’t sound like marble?


That was the impression I got when I learnt the vocab. Something about glass beads from memory.


Yeah, if I’d been more careful I’d have figured out how to scale the image down :slight_smile:


I think the ビー isn’t from English. I’ll look it up later if someone hasn’t solved the question yet.

Edit: Leebo did.


It’s from “vidro” in Portuguese.



Here I was like “YES, AN OPPORTUNITY TO TOTALLY SAY HOW PORTUGUESE IS AWESOME!!”… and then Leebo answered… :roll_eyes:


So in the forums of history Portugal ninja’d Britain.


Thanksss, I was having problems with this mnemonic, because english is not my mother tongue sooo it was hard to remember the beads mnemonic but “vidro” is “Vidrio” in spanish (My mother tongue). XD Why i didnt think of that before???. Now i can remember ビー玉.

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