I think WaniKani is making me hate Japanese

(Ah, an enormously long yet helpful post, it must be Jonapedia)

That’s the king of the shellfish. Shellfish find the せきest shellfish and make it king for a year[1]. The king gets blamed for everything during the year (bad crops, etc). At the end of the year they , “look at all the things you’ve done, you’re no longer our きng”.

For things I have trouble remembering, I make up a mnemonic that combines the meaning, and the on and/or kun readings I’m having trouble with, and relate it to something I know - in this case The Wicker Man.

[1] common practice among molluscs

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That may well be by far the longest I’ve seen, even for Jonapedia.


Hahaha. Very nice.

Hm… yeah, might be even longer than that grammar post I did ages ago. I didn’t think that writing an entire chain of mnemonics would end up taking that much text, but there we go. I guess the real reason they require so much text is because I’m explaining what I see, hear or feel in my head instead of drawing it out (like how I described the tongue flexing and airflow in the mouth when pronouncing 伝う as mirroring the process of transmission). I’ve taken to photo editing to get my point across recently:

But that honestly takes even more time than typing, I think, especially for complicated mental images. Pictures are probably easier for everyone else to understand though… Well, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, and in this case, we might take that literally. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. WaniKani can take a lot of your mental energy. Personally i took a lot of breaks from it, by that time of the breaks though i could reach knowing more than 1000 kanjis, i even could complete the whole levels and reach the point where i recognize 90% of the kanjis out there in anime, manga, news etc.

But i decided to take it slow, so i wont quit again or take a break, that break really slowed me down, and every time i think about a break i remember where i could have been if i wouldn’t take that break.

But if im stressed, im just doing the reviews until i reach about 200-300 in the guru level and then procced with the lessons again, yeah its slow, but there was a period where i passed 1 level per 4-5 days on average, it was exciting, but now it cost me pretty much a lot (reviews) but its okay, its part of the proccess. Its hard to learn those kanjis and vocabulary, most people quit learning Japanese, because of the hate you feel towards WaniKani or Japanese (in those moments) because its hard!
Imagine if it was easy, you wouldn’t think about taking a break right? Its only because its hard, but it will pay off, when you reach your goals, whatever it might be.

But of course listen to yourself since you know better and might find a better solution to your situation, take a break if you really really need, and maybe you will reach my conclusion that it wasn’t that worth it to break that flow of learning.

Besides, i think if you getting a low accuracy, you probably got to a point where you brain doesn’t learning really anymore, no that efficient, so remember take it slow, try to focus, you can learn one grammar point a day if you want, learn only 30 words of vocabulary a day (once you dont have that overwhelming reviews) and then try to use it much as possible (those vocab words) And about kanji
Learn 10 kanjis a day, not more even if its tempting.
Its all about how to manage your work, how to manage this project, because it is a project, its a mental game, not so much about techniques, maybe only 10% and 90% mental. Know to handle yourself and emotions, know to handle your time and work.

The one who mastered the kanjis and the language, is the one who truly knows how to handle one’s mentality, and this is a lesson not only for the Japanese language, its true and effective in every area in your life.

Most people quit in the middle when learning Japanese, because it is the hardest thing, it is a language that takes a lot of time to truly master it. So 根気になってください!

I am not the least bit stressed over WK. Why? The answer is extremely simple.

I am not going to live in Japan and I am not going to do any Japanese work related. Having said that, I am learning Japanese because I like the language and I want to be fluent in it. That’s it! I have no deadlines, no rush, no nothing.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes me. What matters is that I will reach that finish line :slight_smile:

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