I think there should be better typo detection for readings

It was 天王星 and it’s already covered in the description why it only accept why WK only accepts one.


I suck at typing in smartphone

That’s why I gave up on using WK on my phone.


Okay, this makes sense then. I think it’s a valid decision they made.

my compromise solution for typos was the “do you even kana” script. it gives a shake when you misstype any kana in the vocab. for those i am confident that if i got them wrong they were actually typos.

however, i’m making a wide detour around any script which allows me to undo a mistake. i know myself, and i don’t trust myself :smiley:


While the mistake does rest on the user, how I wish WK would stop me from failing a burn or a level up guru review because I accidentally typo’d something nonsensical like かっら.

I can’t wait for people to tell me about all the words or situations that use a double ‘r’


why not just use scripts?

I use scripts on my computer but I’m forced to do most of my reviews during the week on my phone, which is where I’m more prone to make typos anyway

I’m not sure who exactly you were replying to so I’m just going to assume it was me

the phone apps integrate a lot of script functionality. e.g. tsurukame (on IOS) has an “allow cheating” option, to catch typos etc.

that might be a help for you?


sorry my intention was to reply to the thread opener, but even that i failed. But nice to meet u anyways. :smiley:

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I’m using flaming Durtles (android) which doesn’t seem to have any such feature unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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it does! go to advanced settings > other advanced settings and enable the special buttons for ignore and undo options (:
It took me a bit to find them as well


Thank you omg! I looked through the settings trying to find them before but I figured they just didn’t have them. They really hid them well

Wk recently implemented a shake response for answers that contain punctuation. This has cut out at least some of my most egregious mistyped answers. Thank you wk!

— Dave

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