I need some epic fantasy recommendations

I want something with a grand adventure in a vast world with magic swords and dragons and wizards and shit. I’m willing to read an isekai as long as it’s not too tropey. I’m a big fan Berserk, Overlord, Mushoku Tensei, and the like. It can be either European or Asian influenced. Anything related to all of that would be very appreciated!


Reincarnated as a Slime is somewhat of a genre classic as well.
I’m also particularly enjoying tsukimichi anime. Haven’t read it’s manga, but it should be just as good.

Problem with mushoku tensei is that it’s as good as it gets for the things you described, so it will be hard to find anything better.

Another great adventure manga is Made in Abyss. It’s one of the most interesting and imaginative works i’ve seen in manga. No popular tropes as well. Though fair warning, at times it could get pretty gruesome. And also it has a few… errr… let’s just say sus scenes. But if you can pretend they never happened and look past them it’s a really great manga.


指輪物語? :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, quite. The artwork is incredible, and the story is very hard-hitting at times, but the further I go in this series, the more convinced I am that the artist is loudly pretending to be a paedophile in order to cover up the fact that he’s actually a sadistic necrophiliac.


I’m not really into current anime and classic fantasy isn’t what I mainly watched in the past, but I always really liked “Seirei no Moribito” (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit). I don’t know if that fits your taste well, but it’s a great journey at least.
Apart from that, it can’t really get more classic than “Record of Lodoss War”, if you havn’t seen that yet. :smiley:

Noteable mentions (not really sword/magic fantasy):
Shinsekai yori (From the New World)
Kino’s Journey

Maybe 本好きの下剋上 would be a good fit, but it has a slow ramp up to introducing the magic and fantastical elements. Those elements certainly exist at earlier parts of the series, but by arc 4 it’s a full blown epic fantasy series (and I think it’s enjoyable the whole time even when there’s less focus on the fantasy elements).

I would also recommend 獣の奏者 even though it doesn’t have the classic fantasy elements you mentioned. The first two books can be read as a pair and you can safely ignore the later volumes, if you don’t want to commit to reading 4-5 books. I’m not sure I’d call this epic fantasy, but it is a really interesting fantasy setting.


Reincarnated as a Slime always struck me as one of the “tropey” ones, but I guess I was wrong. I’ll give it a shot. Made in Abyss is on my list for sure. Thanks for the reccs everyone! I’ll check them out

Frieren is set in an epic fantasy world, but it’s about a hundred years after the Demon King was defeated.

Funny, not sure there’s much else in this genre I’m reading on a regular basis. I guess I read more subversions than traditional stuff.

/edit I guess Dungeon Meshi would be pretty epic fantasy if a) it wasn’t only set in the one dungeon and b) the party wasn’t so obsessed with eating things

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Well, I very much enjoyed Slayers series.

Oh right Goblin Slayer is pretty good.
The only thing about it i dislike is how goblins being natural rapists is one of the main plot points of the series. Basically, I wouldn’t want to be a female character in this manga.