I made up a new mnemonic for "流" ("stream")

First, there was a boob of a goddess. From it flowed a stream, which became a river. The river then became a tsunami.

This goddess doesn’t have a human appearance though. She is a dragon (ryuu) goddess.

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nice, never gonna forget it!

WaniKani teaches “dragon” in level 44, so that reading mnemonic would need some reorganization to be used by the site, but it’s nice when mnemonics actually tell a story rather than what some of them do, which is just list 4 radical names and then spit out the meaning after.


For me, this one is really visual. It looks like a shower head pouring a stream of water.

And the tsunami on the side? That’s just a water radical to remind you what this is all about.

So, yeah, not perfect. But it definitely looks like a stream to me. :slight_smile:

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