I made it to lv60! (a year and a half ago...)

Great to hear that the little “tutorial like” post I made did something for your routine :blush:

Actually it was @irrelephant who introduced me to the Morhpman plugin and I am very gratefull as well, since as a listening practice, which is how I have it setup right now, is the best resource I’ve encounter.

As for your long journey, is very inspiring, some steps I can really relate to, and some others are milestones to reach still (movies for example… been a film buff, is one of my utmost desired goals :star_struck:).

I love to hear about your next steps. I think the most fun happens right there, where the studying / and chores part of japanese cease to exist and is just routine, enjoying a hobby in japanese, reading about things that relate to or just happen to be written in japanese… etc.

I’ve timidly started reading about japanese grammar using native textbooks (aimed at kids that is), and suddenly japanese is feeling more like a means to an end, and not the end point that have felt it has been all this time.

Would love to hear what resources you get your hand into to departure from the study routine that you’ve progressively have been replacing for the immersion routine you’re doing now.


If you’re referring to using jp -> jp in my anki cards I am afraid I have been a bad senpai in this regard… Because it took so much longer for me to add those cards I’m mostly back to just importing from my jp -> en jisho app :frowning:

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great read, thanks for sharing your story ^.^

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Well, actually I meant anything that keeps you using japanese (shows, new hobbies in japanese , next readings, etc) :sweat_smile:

I get that J-J can be more time consuming. I’ll eventually drop all SRS probably for the same reason :sweat_smile:. In the end I’m really interested in all the stories about how to jump from “learning mode” to just doing stuff in japanese seemingly as any other activity on a regular day.

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That’s a fair bit away in my case :slight_smile: I kinda like the efficiency of an SRS routine though, so I don’t really mind.

But even when I’m not actually studying as such, but just “doing stuff in japanese”, like reading, just the fact that I know it’s something I should be doing because it’s good for me, creates a small aversion to it! (Hence the need to create a routine).

Watching 実況プレイ is probably the closest thing to this there is for me, since it’s not something I really force myself to do. I’ve even managed to fool myself into thinking “I need to stop watching this and study Japanese” at times… that’s how you know it’s working I guess! :slight_smile:

Granted, it’s just simple movies, and not every line! Anything jargon-heavy like a crime drama will leave me completely lost! :slight_smile:

You could give something simple-seeming a try (I went for a lot of romantic-ish movies), might surprise yourself!

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