I love WK mnemonics

I’m great hater of mnemonics, but wk does it right. I promised myself to pay after i get all lvl3 items to guru but it was too temptiiiiing ;-; My favourite ones from level 4:


I love them too! As I’ve gotten higher in the levels I’ve found myself making my own mnemonics more and more… but still, there are some that are just chefs kiss so good.

Like this one I got recently:

It’s unforgettable!


I love the fact that they created them for us! It’s hard to come up with good ones. Some are better than others.

It’s really strange though.

For the first 35 levels or so I used the provided mnemonics at least 80% of the time, only creating my own if I had trouble making something stick for some reason.

For the past ten levels or so, though, I’ve noticed I don’t even read the provided mnemonic 90% of the time! Somehow your brain gets trained to learn even the meanings directly most of the time, without depending on mnemonics. Now I seem to only use mnemonics for the 10 or 20% I struggle to remember (and maybe 50/50 my own vs provided).

Memorable mnemonics are grossly exaggerated, embarrassing, disgusting, extremely silly, sexual, etc. and they should engage the senses (especially sight and touch). Generally speaking, if the mnemonic seems logical and fitting you’ll have a hard time remembering it!


The exception is clearly WaniKani / Kanji / 皇

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I Think I’m Learning Hard English Words With some mnemonics. Like The Word Asphyxiation


I’m bluee badabibadubadibadabibadudabadabidaduda :smiley:

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Ngl One of my favorite songs :grin:

We have a thread for this on the forums: What's the latest English word you learned thanks to WK


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