I hate Wednesdays now

This has to be a troll. Or you’re a lulcow and I need to stop engaging.


It’s the basic ones that do it for me. You shouldn’t be learning kanji yet if you don’t even know こんにちは. Take out the basic stuff (これ、どこ、あなた、リンゴ、etc.) and I don’t mind.


How am I trolling? Your comment makes absolutely no sense. I just spelled it out for you and somehow you came up with the fact that it’ll take you an extra year to finish. I can’t help you there.

Alright here’s a test:
Give me the most good faith version of why somenone would be against the kana vocab.

I’m here to share my thoughts about the update. I think it’s a positive change but I hope to see more challenging words.

That’s not what I asked you to do. But okay.

I didn’t mind them at first but it’s starting to get pretty annoying and I hope an opt-out option rolls out sooner than later. Been level 60 for a couple months now, so my reviews are shrinking and are now mostly just the more difficult vocabulary from the last 20 levels or so. Having to wade through a growing number of kana vocab for each actual review feels like having to do a captcha between each real question. Really hope it gets fixed before the kana outnumber my actual reviews lol.

And yeah I know the actual solution for me is to just stop doing the kana lessons but I just like having everything at zero all the time lol


“Challenging words” is subjective, what is easy for one may not be for another. WaniKani has no way of knowing the userbase’s level of knowledge besides their WK level.

I do think the consensus though is that these “Genki I level” kana words are pretty useless as people will typically learn these before starting kanji study.

I think there should be a blind review for new kana items (for users above the new item levels) that allows users to burn if correct or add to lessons if incorrect. Of course simply an opt-out setting is possible, however that’d be an all-or-nothing decision as you can’t easily draw a line between easy and difficult kana words.

I welcome kana words, given the implementation is done well.


The same is true for kanjis. Clearly people who come here like the method and are willing to lay for it and many are more than happy to apply it to other vocabulary as well.

The method doesn’t work for Kana vocab. It works for individual kana, but my mnemonic for こ is not going to work for ここ.

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I do notice the increase on my lessons and I flinch a little bit, other than that, I have a set limit of items I allow myself to learn every day without overwhelming. If half of them are kana I consider it job well done and I’m done for that day.

I’m just not going to suffer because instead of learning 10 new extra kanji I only learned 5, I get my dopamine by accomplishing the goal of studying every day, doesn’t matter if it’s こんにちは because I’m still showing up every day to do the job. If anything I consider the kana days “light” days and like a mini rest…

Try to give it a spin on your mind, you are still putting in the work, you are just being given a little break every Wednesday :smile:

If you don’t want to rest you can just learn 5 more items that day and get to 15 (10 kanji 5 kana) I do that sometimes when I’m on a speed demon mood.


That’s a good point, but one also has to consider that for the mission (if it’s really WaniKani’s mission, because so far there hasn’t been an official statement in this regard) to be successful, WaniKani requires substantial changes

  • kana vocabulary being opt in/out and covering vocabulary where one could actually leverage WaniKani’s mnemonics (onomatopeia are a good example, “konnichiwa” is a terrible example)

  • kanji ordering favouring proficiency levels more than kanji complexity so that people can start reading as soon a possible

  • the ability to opt out from already known kanji for intermediate learners

  • way more synonyms for both kanji and vocab

  • better example sentences

  • leveraging phonetic composition in mnemonics

  • etc.

As it stands now, because WaniKani’s format is so restrictive, it becomes less useful, the more you study outside of WaniKani which one should as soon as possible. What’s left is WaniKani’s only strength - teaching kanji.

Regarding vocabulary, I would still argue that unless WaniKani gets a massive overhaul, Anki + a deck of most common words would be more effective. Heck, one could even learn kanji readings and meanings that way if the same kanji keep repeating themselves with similar meanings or if for every given word the card shows a breakdown of how the kanji meanings tie into the meaning of the word + maybe a simplistic mnemonic to navigate from “kanji + kanji” to “word” in case the ensemble meaning is not obvious.

Actually, the above is not a terrible idea and might think of that + maybe a Web app to cover it.


Many people use SRS to learn vocab and it works just fine for them. I’d rather use WaniKani for vocab as well rather than have to juggle wanikani and Anki or some other resource. As for mnemonics one doesn’t have to use them at all if they are not effective for them. Personally I find that they are quite ineffective for kanji too, the best mnemonic for me are the ones I come up with as it’s more likely I will remember them.


Apropos of nothing (other than the thread title), I just couldn’t help myself…


That’s not how it works, it’s the time it takes to review + the SRS timer.

Let’s do a little rounding to make numbers easier. 30 kana only per level, 150 items per level on average.

You’ve just increased each level by 20%!! If someone is going along at 15 days per level, it’s now 18 days per level. 3x60 levels is 180 days, 6 extra months to get through WK.

For someone going 10 days per level, that’s still an extra 2 days per level so an 4 extra months on WK.


SRS timer has absolutely nothing to do with it if you just do the lessons and knock them out (since they’re so extremely easy and a waste of time). It’ll take the exact amount of time to level up unless you’re just too lazy to hammer them out.

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You’re calling me lazy? Nice

I shouldn’t have to ‘hammer them out’, I have a pretty decent workflow I have developed which has been thrown out of the window by a feature I never asked for or was even warned I was going to get.



Way to twist the plot and play victim. My point stands. Spending an extra 6 months to a year on Wanikani because you refuse to spend an extra 1-2 minutes a day hammering out “easy” kana only vocabulary seems exceptionally foolish to me whether you wanted the feature or not.

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Doesn’t that then defeat the point of paying WK to curate things for me?

If I’m supposed to micromanage my SRS then I’m better off just cancelling my sub and using something like anki (and don’t worry, that time isn’t far away for me)

And I’m not playing victim, you literally called me (and plenty of other people on here) lazy because I don’t do the same thing as you.