I created my own writing system


We all know that writing in Japanese is difficult. There are thousands of kanji and it is too difficult to remember each one. Plus, a lot of kanji have a lot of strokes, making it slow to write. I created a writing system for fun that would solve that issue. I made it easy to learn and read. Each letter contains a consonant stroke and a vowel stroke (except for the vowels, which would only contain a vowel stroke). Below this you can find a list of all of the basic kana for my writing system. Dakuten and combination kana works the same way as it would in hiragana and katakana.

Edit: I am not trying to completely get rid of the other 3 writing systems. I created this to be an alternative that is easier to write down on paper and made it simple so it won’t take too long to learn. Please stop saying that I am trying to get rid of the other writing systems.

Stroke Order

As you can see, the kana are very simple and they only have 2 strokes or less! They are also very simple because all of the kana that use the same vowel will use the same vowel stroke and all of the kana that use the consonant use the same consonant stroke! The stroke order is also very simple! For most kana, you will write the consonant stroke first (if it has one), then the vowel stroke. The only exception is the "n" row. There you will write the vowel stroke first, then the horizontal line, then the vertical line.


The main problem with writing in all hiragana or katakana is that it is hard to read. It gets difficult to tell where one word ends and another one starts. Plus, there are words that have the exact same reading! In this writing system, there are characters called markers which are meant to fix this issue. Markers are characters that you do not read out loud, but they will tell you what type of word something is. You will always put the marker before the word you want to use it on. Below this you can find a list of all of the markers and where they are used.

Edit: Foreign names for non-living things should also use the name marker.

I worked really hard on this. If you have any ideas or problems, feel free to post them here!

Post for update #1:

Post for update #2:


You invented Korean?

What’s wrong with the already existing kana?
Since you don’t seem to have an alternative for kanji.


I finished with the post.

I accidentally posted while I was not completely finished writing the post. It is finished now.

This seems like an interesting exercise, but how do you plan to use it?


Maybe you could use it to write in Japanese faster than if you were to write in kanji. For example, 僕 has a lot of strokes and takes a while to write.

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It’s like Leonardo da Vinci’s code, you could write it and read it faster but the rest of us will be lost. You should write secret diaries


In many other languages, this is quickly solved by the appearance of empty space between words. Problem solved! Having homonyms is hardly unique to Japanese either. ^^

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Well no one around me knows Japanese so they wouldn’t be able to understand it even if I wrote in the other writing system. Well… Now that I think about it, it would protect it from someone using a translator.

Tbh, I did it this way because it looked cooler than if I were to just use spaces. :laughing:

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Well, language is communication. A language only you know is a code or a cipher.


Well now I am sharing my writing system to the folks at wanikani so it is no longer a secret!

it isn’t about whether it’s secret or not, it’s that no one else (yet) uses it. :slight_smile: Only then, it becomes a language.

It’s a fun exercise though. ^^

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I doubt that this would become wide spread, but it is pretty useful so I want people to see it and help me improve upon it!

is it? it’s neither hard to read nor write kana. and it’s definitely possible to memorize all kanji you come across if you set your mind to it. :thinking: People are not that slow writing kanji either, it’s just us that have little to no practice doing it.


It’s still fine without spaces honestly. The better you get at Japanese the easier it is to read just hiragana.

You could also do marks for pitch accent drops which would help with homonyms and telling words apart maybe . That won’t really matter unless you’re making more fancy sentences I imagine but…


Well the faster you can write, the better. I made this writing system easy to learn so it wouldn’t take as long to learn another writing system.

Edit: Plus, Japanese people usually to write because it is difficult to write kanji and is just easier to type it out.

I don’t really intend to write any japanese outside of digital form on a computer, so I write kanji pretty fast. :slight_smile:

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What about words that have the same reading, and are the same type.