I am stuck

Depending on the OP’s situation this can be useful advice. If they have items that are required for leveling up in their lesson pile, then they need to get to it. Also having the reorder script may be helpful to clear any burn reviews out of the way so that they are out of the way. On the other hand, a person feeling a little overwhelmed by reviews shouldn’t be adding new items to their pile nor leveling up until they have what is currently bogging them down under control. Moving forward is definitely a confidence builder but moving forward with a shaky foundation will later prove to be a mistake.

For that reason, I highly recommend @rfindley’s Self-Study script to drill items that you have been constantly getting wrong. No matter how you look at it, @Aysan, you’re going to have to double down until you get out of this rut. Don’t give up. From looking at your items, I think the current advice given to you from others on this thread will help you get over this hump.