I am stuck

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my leveling up and I can’t seem to find a way out of level 15:

As you can see, I have been stuck there for a long time and my reviews keep on adding so I don’t do my lessons and I can’t go on. I get demotivated when I miss an item and seeing that I have been on this level for so long brings me down. I was wondering if someone could give me an advice on what I should do, it would be really appreciated because I really need help and the community helped me a lot before.
Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about getting it wrong a couple of times


Perhaps get a reorder script and focus on the kanjis. But honestly, just bite through it and force yourself to do 10+ lessons per day. You’ll be stuck without any progress if you don’t discipline yourself or if you lack the motivaton.

Besides… 10 lessons a day shouldnt take very long… maybe 2-10min


I mostly just remember by getting things wrong until I remember them. Focus on your reviews and listen to some music that you can concentrate to.


getting angry for getting things wrong has helped me a lot


Thank you for your fast replies! I will try your suggestions
Again, thank you very much :slight_smile:


Work on your memory techniques… perhaps this podcast will help - I wish I listened to this before I started WK:

Depending on the OP’s situation this can be useful advice. If they have items that are required for leveling up in their lesson pile, then they need to get to it. Also having the reorder script may be helpful to clear any burn reviews out of the way so that they are out of the way. On the other hand, a person feeling a little overwhelmed by reviews shouldn’t be adding new items to their pile nor leveling up until they have what is currently bogging them down under control. Moving forward is definitely a confidence builder but moving forward with a shaky foundation will later prove to be a mistake.

For that reason, I highly recommend @rfindley’s Self-Study script to drill items that you have been constantly getting wrong. No matter how you look at it, @Aysan, you’re going to have to double down until you get out of this rut. Don’t give up. From looking at your items, I think the current advice given to you from others on this thread will help you get over this hump.


Find out where the Kanji are that are keeping you stuck, and focus on those. If they are in reviews, that’s perfect, just do your reviews religiously for a week, and they should be gone. If they are in lessons still, maybe get a re-order script and just focus on those Kanji.


hi stuck i’m… Dad?

Anyways jokes aside, I think that you are mostly feeling down due to spending long time on this level and haven’t had anything to celebrate for a while. I would suggest that you pit every other review and lesson behind and just focus on leveling up. I know that this will increase your workload but afyer leveling up, you’ll have enough energy and motivation to slowly take down those reviews and lessons. Good luck :+1:

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That interview is nice but a little lengthy and it didn’t have much information that I didn’t have based on what I was told in the mnemonics here already (they always tell you to really picture the situation in your mind, make it crazy and detailed so that it sticks, that seems like the most important part).

Information that I took away from that interview:

  • Use the first image as a mnemonic that comes to your mind (I was able to figure that one out on my own; If I have my own mnemonic in my mind immediately, I replace the WK one)
  • Build the kanji symbol in your mind; give it a texture (make it wooden, make it out of cheese… ) and look at it from different angles; you can put stuff on it, go around it…
  • This is a skill that has to be learned and practiced, you will get better over time when doing this. Don’t expect to be perfect immediately.

Back to the original topic @Aysan : what happened, were you going too fast and not learning the content properly? What items are causing you problems, which levels are they from? Is it always the same few items that need more attention or is it “everything”?

If you are having troubles in general, maybe resetting a few levels and then taking more time during lessons and building your own mnemonics would help. If it is only a comparably few number of items: find them with one of the leech scripts and give each of them e.g. 2 minutes of attention to really focus on the mnemonic or write your own one if the default one doesn’t work for you?


Thank you so much everyone for all your replies! I have read them all and they made me rethink of the situation I am in and I think I tried to go too fast in the past. I listened to the podcast and I will try the method. I will try to alternate kanji and vocabs and do at least 10 reviews a day. I really want to learn more and level up so thank you everyone for helping me :smile:

my advice is to install reorder script, start on the lowest level you have available in your review pile, and anything you get wrong, pull up the info tab, reread it, write it down, and focus on memorizing it, continue doing this until you are up to the level you are on, this should improve your accuracy, even if it slows down the amount of reviews you are doing any given sitting, and once your accuracy starts to go up, those reviews will start to silence themselves.


LOL I’ve been stuck in level 54 for 1735 days. “Get off my lawn!”


@plantron well, it’s a good thing you bought lifetime…


Getting angry during a review generally brings my accuracy down. :rofl:


I don’t think re-ordering anything is going to fix the root cause of your problem.

Your problem is that you want ‘gratification’ from leveling up without actually learning ALL the material contained in a level

  • You are only focusing on leveling kanji
  • You are NOT focusing on leveling your vocabulary which is actually where the repetition really occurs

I can guarantee you if you focused more on your vocab you would actually reinforce your kanji and their readings way better.

The level progression would be slower if you focused on your vocab, but you would certainly never get stuck because the only items you would have outstanding in your review queue would be NEW material only.

Were you hard stuck level 1? Probably not, because you only had 1 level worth of material to focus on.

You can accomplish this at higher levels by spending the time you should be clearing your vocabulary before unlocking new level kanji

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I just realized that I misread it as 1735 days. It actually says 17535 days, which means I started WK on Thursday, 1 January 1970 (UNIX epoch).

My parents didn’t even know each other back then :rofl:


Yeah, honestly the only reason I suggested Reorder is so he could tackle 1 level at a time while refocusing on remembering them, it usually gives you a better feeling of success, and a better stopping point if you’re only going one or two levels of material at a time.

That’s how I didn’t drive myself insane when I disappeared off the face of the earth for a long time and came back to over 1000 reviews, focus on one level at a time, get to the point where you can’t quite remember the material, and really focus on what’s there, it’ll improve your accuracy, make you remember the material better, and make your life a bit less of a hell for it.

Reordering so you don’t have to learn certain bits of material is not something I recommend.


I personally like how you got through 53 in 0 days 0 hours, that’s damn good time, I’d take a break after that too!