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I immediately have issues with a sentence on page 41:


The ending I know is “get your useless arse here already!”. What I’m confused about is the beginning. Is he trying to say “Get that useless ass you rolled around in the audience over here already!”? Or maybe he’s saying that he should get his ass rolling (running) around the passengers, to warn them?


The weekend is when I tackle HxH but due to THIS I won’t be prioritizing it this week… So frustrating… see, I use a user script for the furigana in my transcription and I use Yomichan for lookups, both were installed on chrome and tied to my account so now that I’m signed out for at least 48 hours I’d have to make a new account and reinstall things. In itself that’s not such a big time-investment but there are many other such problems and I don’t feel like dealing with any of them right now :smiling_face_with_tear:


alright, i’m all caught up!
i have to say, this is harder then i thought it’d be. i’ve read some other manga around the 24-26 natively levels more or less, but i thought a shounen would be easier haha
it’s still all good fun though, i love this series very much so it’s nice to go back to the beginning. i only ever read a small chunk of the manga in english after the end of the 2011 adaptation.
even if i don’t understand every word as long as i get the picture it’s good for me :relieved:


Well ころがる can also mean to be scattered about or lying around and I thought that the last part might be using the 〜とけ form of める to plug or stop up something

I’m a bit confused about the でも, but from what you said it might be something like “Get those useless arses lying around in the guest quarters to go plug up that hole already!”

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Checked a translation, and it says “Plug it up with the arses of those useless passengers”, btw.


That’s so much better :joy:

Yaaay caught up to week 3! :tada:

Okay, got a question. On page 47, second panel the captain says:

一流のハンターを目指すなら (If you aim to be a first-rate hunter)
何でも出来る様になっとかねぇとな (something about being able to do anything)
(I think なっと is ないと, must do?)

出来る(to be able to ) + ようになる (to reach a point that)

So is the captain saying “you must get to a level where you’re able to do anything” (basically that Gon should learn new skills whenever he can so that in the future he’ll ready for any situation)?

(Also jisho says that 出来るようになる = “to become able to (do)” which sounds like some sort of future tense but I can’t find any grammar sites that talk about how to use it as a whole unit. Any ideas?)

First things first, most of the time you see ねぇ like that in this manga, it’s a slangish form of ない
So the sentence is
The part “なっとかない” is just
なる to become
+ ておく as slangish とく, to do something and stay in that state, here become able to do anything and stay like that
+ negative: とく → とかない

“Don’t become someone who can do anything”
+ と, “if you don’t become someone who can do anything (, that won’t be good)” = “you must become someone who can do anything”


Thank you, it makes more sense now! So many different verb-bits attached together.

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i’m looking at this one too and i think its “those useless asses that got jumbled/tossed around the guest quarters, get them organized and untangled!” - つめとけ isnt coming up as 1 word in my dictionaries so im assuming its 2 verbs, つむ and とく, both imperative present. and 転がってる is more a description of the useless asses that are in the 客席, which im interpreting as like the guest bunks or passenger area? and from the next couple pages they seem uhhh pretty tossed around in there

not sure if that makes sense but thats what ive got lol

There’s actually a translation a bit lower down, it’s Plug [the holes] with the asses of those useless passengers

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aaah that makes sense, thank you!

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Week 4 thread up!