How to Undo On Flaming Durtles Android App?

Hey, I enjoy using the Flaming Durtles Android app for reviews on the go. I also like using the userscript that allows me to undo a wrong answer when I fat finger it.

I looked around online for how I could use userscripts on mobile (Android) and people said that Flaming Turtles already has this capability built in, and in the post talking about it here it says one of the features is the ability to undo:

"These features include:

  • 24h timeline on the dashboard
  • Reorder, including the option to give priority to ‘overdue’ items
  • Meaning and reading back-to-back
  • Reading before meaning / meaning before reading
  • “Ignore”, “Undo” and “Skip” buttons
  • Anki mode
  • Self-study quiz with a handful of filters, including leech training
  • Pitch info"

Could someone point out where this is exactly in a screen shot? I feel so dumb I have actually spent 40 minutes trying to find this option in the app and I can’t see it anywhere.

Forum post I am referring to:

ANSWER: found the answer after looking deeper into that thread. I will post some screen shots here for anyone in the future that stumbles upon my post:

“It’s disabled by default. You can find it under advanced settings, near the bottom. A lot of the features are disabled by default, be sure to look through the settings menu to set things up to your liking.”

  1. enable advanced settings

  1. scroll down to special button behavior

  1. tap one of them to pick an action

  2. now it will be enabled for said action

  1. button will now appear in reviews


Screenshot from 2021-06-06 23-31-06


Thank you.

Thanks; what a help! :grin: