How to study JLPT N1 grammar

Hey I see this is such valuable material
Could you share the note with us??? I know how good arrange you did and maybe it’s not like how we think about video notes
And, can you list book you u’re using aside mori’s video ? I found try ! and kanzen master is best for N5-N1 but I have no idea the other choice, like the book you mentioned ! I know to master N1 I will need a ton of book, if you can list some, you’re doing a good fortune to us

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Sorry for the late response.

I don’t feel comfortable with sharing all of the notes, I’m sorry :worried: it’s pretty much exactly what the people in the videos said though. I also provided an example of the notes so you can see the format and the way I utilized different color fonts. I don’t think the notes would have much value unless you actually watched the videos and took them.

As for books, I only used 日本語パワードリル N1 文法 myself, but I’ve heard many good things about Kanzen Master. If you bought those two, I don’t think you’d need any more books (at least for grammar). They’re chock full of information and you’d be better off spending your time on other fields of Japanese (reading, listening, vocab, etc).


I’m using ShinKanzen Master for N2 and it seems like very time I try to implement the grammar component into a sentence, I misunderstand the nuances and my sentences are unworkable for this or that reason. It’s really demoralizing when I actually get to class (really more of a tutoring session; I do homework, we discuss what I’ve done together). I need to see these grammar points explained in English.

I need a lot more practice with the grammar, but I’m not sure what to do. Using Bunpro is tempting, but i found that the SRS workload was pretty overwhelming, and in addition to using other kinds of SRS… I’m reluctant to add it to my plate.

What’s worked well for me in the past was fill-in-the-blank practice, or use-this-grammar-point-translation practice, in addition to writing sentences. Multiple choice won’t put this stuff in long-term memory. Are there any grammar workbooks for N3-N2-N1 level organized like this?

Finally, I just… how do you keep your spirits up while studying esoteric or scholarly grammar?

Don’t let it get you down that you misunderstand the nuances at first; getting corrected by your tutor will definitely help you remember the nuances better than just reading example sentences that other people have written. You’re much better off making mistakes and getting corrected than not writing anything at all. Own your mistakes and don’t feel demoralized. Just make sure to make a concerted effort to understand why you made the mistake and learn how to fix it so you don’t make the same mistake in the future.

Grammar explanations in Japanese never helped me as much as English explanations. I wouldn’t worry about learning grammar in English if it really helps your understanding.

I highly recommend buying a book of grammar practice questions. I mentioned this in my original post:

I very highly recommend it and the questions in it were very similar to the ones on the test. I made sure the grammar stuck in my long-term memory by writing notes about the answer choices and reviewing them. If you really dislike the multiple choice format, you can just cover the answer choices, but that does feel like a cop-out. I’m not aware of any grammar books that are fill-in-the-blank by design, but I haven’t had experience with many grammar books so there probably are some.

I always found the esoteric stuff the most interesting. Maybe just focus on the fact that a lot of formal grammar structures come from 古文.


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