How to remember verb vocabs in wanikani?

I’d also advise to maybe reset a few levels down to help with the review queue. Resetting is not a bad thing!

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Yep, especially considering re-learning things at a normal pace again and not burying yourself in reviews is better than trying to remember all of them and failing them everytime, I’d say a level 4 or 5 reset since that’s when vocab numbers starts going way up. Obviously that depends on the guy’s vocab problems and where they’re situated.

That’s crazy.
I’ve just gone into level 8 and here is mine for comparison.

The fact he has 10 times the apprentice items that I have, yet I’ve get 5 times as many enlightened as he has is very concerning. (and I admit myself that I’m pretty bad when it comes to memorisation)


How’s everything going @jays? :slight_smile:


He has 1072 apprentice items. I think he’s still not listened to anyone about neglecting his vocab…


What’s the Japanese word for “lost cause”?


The moral of the story is… use scripts sparingly. Trying to take the easy way out by abusing the reorder script really just ensures your own failure.


How about: しょうがない?


Close enough. Let’s go with しょうがない人.


I wonder if OP had ever read posts about on’yomi and kun’yomi and why there are so many different readings in vocab…

I post the Tofugu guide on this subject there, in case OP comes back to this topic:


I do wonder when one finds out that only learning kanji with one reading is not learning Japanese at all…

If you do decide to reset at some point to learn the vocabulary properly, there are many threads around the forum to help you!! There’s also many ideas of people for scheduling your reviews so maybe it’s easier to juggle both kanji and vocab!

Good luck!!!


Probably as soon as he’ll have to take any test involving reading. If he can’t even remember verb readings, there’s no way he’s passing the JLPT.

BTW he’s up to 1200 apprentice items. :dizzy_face::exploding_head:


:scream::scream::scream::scream: Oh no


Completely unrelated but how do I see my leeches like that?



I did the math, he has as many guru+ items as me, though I’m half the level and don’t have the kanjis and radicals he has… oof

Skips his vocab reviews by abusing the reorder script. He seems to be under the impression that he only has to learn the individual kanji and nothing more.

Sometimes people get caught by the gamification of leveling up. He thinks he’s “winning” by leveling up fast, but of course he’s not really learning the material.


It’s a trap some people fall into - leveling up is fun, whereas as slogging through vocabulary is not. Of course, as seanblue points out, this doesn’t help you actually learn, so it’s detrimental to your actual learning to do this. This has come up in other threads, however, so we don’t need to get into it here.

That said, it seems that OP has long since moved on. There are good reasons not to use the reorder script and skip vocab, but ultimately it’s each user’s decision - we give you guys that power by allowing user scripts. Keeping this thread going as a public wall-of-shame feels a little mean-spirited, however, and is definitely off-topic. I’m going to leave the thread open in case OP wants to post more questions, etc., but let’s please stay away from piling on and pointing out how wrong you think he’s doing it. You guys are nicer than that. :slight_smile: