How to improve listening comprehension (QUESTION)

I suggesting looking through the multiple threads of listening resources by using the search function, but most of all looking through the main threads:


Once you’ve decided on what type of media to focus on for listening comprehension, you can narrow down your online and forum searches a bit: podcasts, YouTube, drama CDs, JP dramas etc are all viable resources after all. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies!

But just generally speaking, you just need listening practice to discern sound and interpret them. Experience is key, no matter what kind it is really frankly. So just go for something you truly enjoy or simply desperately want to understand and make that your focus. Keep doing it until you can “hear” as in understand while doing it. Expect it to take as much time as it took you to parse kanji and kana in reading to get a flow going at least if not more (since listening is just more vague for most to get at first).

But basically, don’t give up but just keep doing it and as some point you’ll simply start being able to interpret what’s being said.

Not as everything at once, but words, then phrases, then more phrases, then concepts and grammar…it just builds and builds. Be patient is the key!