How to freeze Wanikani/ my reviews

Hi! I have exams coming up and my grades kinda went downhill prior to a month or so. I am also working part-time, thus, I need to reduce my WK activity for a while.
How can I do it?

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In the settings on your WK Dashboard, there is vacation mode. It will keep reviews from piling up.

Do note that it can be a slog to get back into the swing afterwards. Your reviews are paused, but your brain is still forgetting. So the SRS for items will be off when you return to the grind, and it’s fair to assume you’ll get quite some items wrong when you resume.

This is why some advise to stop lessons a few weeks beforehand, and deal with a reduced review load every day. But with something like exams, that’s not always viable.

Don’t get discouraged if things feel tough when you come back! It makes sense, and it’s surmountable. :muscle:

Good luck on your tests!


Okay, then how do I freeze my brain from forgetting?


Now that is the real challenge!



I just came back after about 4-5 months off. I was at level 18. I was going pretty fast at the time so there were a lot just barely fresh in my head. I ended up resetting myself back to 15 and for the last week and a half or so, I’ve just been going through reviews and not adding any lessons. My apprentice count got up to around 200 but now its at 99. It was pretty bad the first couple of days, but you can catch up pretty quickly!


As other have said, coming back from a lengthy vacation mode break can be painful. I’ve done it a few times and not gonna lie - tears were shed. It’s like I’ve never seen any kanji before in my life. Just know that going in and try to tough it out when you return. It will come back in a few days.

One way to make it a little better is to stop doing lessons and just do reviews for a week or so before you turn on vacation mode. Try to get everything to Guru or higher.


Welll this is good to read before I ever decide to go on vacation mode. Sounds like a nightmare T^T

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It’s frustrating, but way better than trying to dig out from under a pile of hundreds of reviews. Just know you’ll feel like an idiot for a few days, but that you will get through it.


Yep, that’s basically my experience, too.

I used vacation mode twice, and twice I had to grit my teeth through the return. “If I learned it once, I can learn it again - it’ll get better,” would be the mantra for a week or 2-3.


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Oh, and I forgot to say - when you turn Vacation Mode off and get back to studying, I would recommend just doing reviews for a few days until you get comfortable again. Yeah, it will slow down your progress a lot, but if you try to go full speed right away your apprentice items will go through the roof and you’ll be buried again.

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