How to drill meanings into your head?

(i’ll be using 二百 as an example)

maybe i’m doing something wrong, because even though i put “two hundred” in the meaning part of reviews, my brain still does not register “oh this word means two hundred”. like in popipo, one of the lyrics is

“kakaku wa nihyaku en!”

even though it says “nihyaku” which is two hundred, my brain can only vaguely register this is two hundred. is there a better way to make my brain register the meaning?

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It’s normal for new words to take time to settle, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

One thing that helps is seeing words in different contexts. So if you get a good grammar resource like Genki and look up very simple graded readers you’ll have a lot of vocabulary down in no time.


oh okay! how long though? just so i don’t agonized about not recognizing the word as fast as everyone else ;-;

could you recommend some free ones? idk how much money my parents are willing to spend on this endeavor

Sure, actually there are really good free resources. It’s hard to know how long to study, because I don’t know how long you have. But I’d split study time roughly equally between WK, grammar, and reading.

There is plenty of free reading here, and you can sort by level, here is level 0:

And you don’t have to buy Genki, there is a really good free grammar resource called Marugoto. There is a physical textbook series that people don’t like, so don’t let that put you off. The digital resource is great.
Make a free account here:
And then start with “Marugoto Katudoo and Rikai A1-1”. You have to click around to get rid of romaji if I remember right, there is a menu somewhere where you can choose your preferences regarding hiragana and kanji. JF Japanese e-Learning Minato - Course Outline

And don’t worry about comparing yourself to anyone else. With language it’s all about consistency and time, so just keep going, it’s that simple!


But I’d split study time roughly equally between WK, grammar, and reading.

well my plan-making skills are abominable but thank you for the free resource!

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Well, for now I’m only doing it for kanji, not for vocab, and I still don’t know how effective it would be, but I first make a one-sentence mnemonic for each kanji, then record myself saying it then listen to it.
For example, here’s me drilling level 23 kanji:

P. S. I apologize for my diction :sweat_smile:

is it a hindi website? or something like that?

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Vocaroo? It’s a webside where you can record audio and get shareable links. Or you can post pre-recorded audiofiles there. It’s quite useful.

oh, i was asking because the logo had some hindi underneath. idk

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Numbers seem to be particularly difficult for some reason – I find I need to translate numbers back to English in my head to really comprehend them, in a way I don’t for anything else. For words that are not numbers, I think it mostly takes time and exposure to the use of the word in context enough, and then you just read 鳥 and think :duck: rather than thinking about English words at all.

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yeah, i’ve tried to use pictures! then i forgot completely about the method… i should do that

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also, i seem to register words in english just fine–like, “sardonically”, i knew what thar meant after a simple google search. but for words in other languages, like telugu or japanese, it doesn’t come as easily. even telugu! i’m way better at it than japanese! i have like a b1~b2 understanding of it!