How to combine wanikani and minna no nihongo

I’ve just started taking Japanese for the past month now. But the thing is there’re so many words to learn and relearn in a day if I combine these. I’d ask how to manage this huge amount of vocabulary in daily study routine?

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I think it’s just about discipline. If you want to do Minna no nihongo every day, then work out how much you can handle each day and stick to it. My Japanese class uses this textbook, I have class twice per week and don’t really touch it outside of class. I do practise with my girlfriend but that’s it.

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It would be best to treat the two as separate studies. Minna no Nihongo is great for grammar, and all the vocabulary per chapter will be taught to you in context, so study the wordlists as you progress through each chapter.

Then treat WaniKani as kanji study only (but don’t skip the vocab lessons). Since most of the early words in Minna no Nihongo only show up in WaniKani later on, due to the complexity of some of the kanji, it won’t be too much use right away, but later on, as you progress in both, you’ll find learning new vocabulary for Minna much easier, because you’ll have already encountered some of the kanji, if not the specific compound, in WK.

I too started learning from Minna no Nihongo, about a year and 4 months ago, in a language school, and lots of selfstudy, too, and was able to progress to N4 level after a year at a fast pace (about chapter 40, second book). WK was a huge help in teaching me to recognize all N4 kanji.


If the SRS is working for you then has decks for the Vocab in minna no nihongo. My only real advice is when you do the exercises, write in kanji, if you’ve already learnt it in Wanikani it will help lock it in otherwise its a preview that will help later. In my class a lot of people submitted their homework in kana only and I’m not sure that’s as helpful.

Hey. I made an account on kitsun but I cannot find any Minna NN deck, any tips? Regards

Only book two has been done. It’s there written in kanji have a look for 皆の日本語初級二

If you wanted to crest a deck for book 1. Vocabulary files can be found here

It’s sure the community would appreciate it.

My combination was Genki + Anki rather than MNN + Kitsune, but…

I got a lot of advice to make my own decks rather than use community ones. I mostly ignored this advice and kept bouncing off vocab decks for Genki.

Recently I started making my own decks for Genki with only the words I care about and I’m so much happier. So I would suggest making your own deck for textbook vocabulary rather than using an exhaustive one made by the community.

Ok, I’m gonna drop it here because I feel it’s one of those things that I would do differently if starting all over again.
Put all your vocab in the same place, be it Anki, Kitsun, or any other resource… In my case this ended up including vocab from WK (mixed with the ones from my textbooks, readings, shows, etc). I picked up all the vocab for the level I was going through and drop it into Anki (actually I went as far as stop reviewing vocab in WK, as reviewing it twice didn’t make any sense).
This single change made my life easier, and probably allowed me to continue with WK at a pace that I would feel comfortable with.

A warning though, this way you will mess up the WK balance, loose the crabigator’s favor and overall have less burned turttles once you’re done with WK… but… meh… :man_shrugging:

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