How practical is retention of kanji or vocab in real life for people that have almost/already finished

Hey, about half way through level four after commiting to WK. Just wondering for people at level 50 - 60, in real life how good are you at bringing up kanji or vocab at a reasonable speed when reading it in real life? Does it take time to think through the mnenomic and then meaning etc., or when you burn an item does it just come to you instantly?

Because I’m thinking of using this solely for kanji and reading it out loud since it’s worked amazingly so far.

Thanks in advance :smile:


Obviously not a high level here on WK but I do read a fair bit of manga/simple books and can say with certainty that the kanjis you know, and see a lot come very natural after a while.

For instance seeing 勉強 does not make me think… ok, “exertion” and “strength”… it just means “study”.

Again, in the grand scheme of things I’m a beginner, but that’s my experience so far. The mnemonics are a great way of studying kanji, but honestly not something I every think about when I read a manga or book…

A more experienced user can most likely shed more light on this though :slight_smile:


I couldn’t recount to you almost any mnemonic on the site. They are meant to bridge the gap and then fade away. Note: I’ve been level 60 before but I prefer having a low level badge.


I know 100% of Japanese now.


If you’re just starting with Japanese, only finishing WK will not give you instant recall for every kanji/vocab on the site. I find it a tremendous boon that I don’t have to look up very many kanji - even though I still need to look up a lot of words (Also the words are easier to find if you recognize the kanji!).
But sometimes it does take a second to remember the kanji I’m seeing. You should expose yourself to reading to keep the kanji you know fresh in your mind - and the more you read, the faster you become at it.


The only time I think of the mnemonics is when I’m struggling to recall a kanji or vocabulary I know I should know. Anything I’ve become familiar with I usually recall without thinking about it. There are still times I make mistakes but the more I immerse myself the easier it gets. WaniKani is like building the frame of a house. It’ll hold steady for a good while but you need immersion to actually finish building it if you want it to stick around for many years.


Says the only person I know whose username is used as a verb on the site. :slight_smile:


As Leebo has pointed out, the mnemonic do fade away with time and the recognition/reading becomes almost automatic - all the more so for the kanji/words you regularly encounter in the wild.

To use the same example already provided by sundayRoast, when I see 勉強 I don’t see it as two distinct kanji put together; I simply read it べんきょう and know it means study.

Recalling each individual kanji should be similar (as in you will not need the mnemonic once it has been ingrained in your memory), and can be immensely helpful when it comes to figuring out the meaning of the words you don’t know.

Ok, I apologize for going off-topic here, but I just have to ask: why do you prefer a low level badge? If I recall correctly, this is your third time around, you ought to have the biggest, brightest badge here. I suspect most people who have spent much time on these forums know that, but those who don’t sometimes don’t seem to respect the low badge, no matter how authoritative your responses are.

Once I’ve gotten through this process, I think I’d like to reset to level one someday, so I can focus on things I haven’t the first time through (like stroke order and example sentences), but not until I’ve had a chance to admire that gold 60 for a while.


No badge would be even better. I know many people are proud of reaching the end, and I am not judging them, but I’m fine without it.


Ask the mods for the same thing @seanblue has, I’m sure Viet could do it for you. Though I feel like I remember reading it was just a bug from when they tried to make seanblue’s circle blue or purple or something…


It would be cool if the bug could be made into a special option feature instead for those who have reached level 60. That way, it could create less worry about showing which stage they are at if they choose to restart, or even for those Level 60s who refuse to display the Gold too.

But of course they can choose to display their restart Level in its glory like Leebo does too. Call it Level 60 privilege to choose :smiley:


This effect is so engrained in my head that I stupidly wondered if べんきょう on a children’s book meant it was about bentos from Kyoto.


The only mnemonic I remember is A raw cage for 予め, and this is a word I hardly ever see in text.

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Burning an item doesn’t mean anything if you don’t keep encountering an item when reading.

On the other hand, for commonly used kanji (more like words) you’ll just instantly know what they mean and how they are read. Almost like with alphabet letters.

I hardly remember any of the mnemonics now about half a year after getting to lvl 60. And I often don’t recall kanji meanings, just which words it’s used in. For words I see often I hear how they sound in my head when I encounter them.


I would LOVE that as an option! People will know it means you have been 60, and it will not be there to obstruct your avatar :wink: (it has ruined some of my designs)

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Y-you are the only person!

… bad Glias-ing cause I’m no good at it.
Just wanted to let you know there are other user verbs :wink:

BTW 勉 is exertion. Took me half a lifetime to realise that it has nothing to do with excursions.


Yeah, I remember having trouble with 必ず way back when I first learned it but it pops up so frequently while reading that I don’t even think about it anymore.

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I’ve always thought that it wouldn’t be too much work, unless I completely misunderstand how Discourse ‘ranks’ work in to make it an option for people who are level 60 to have their bubble always be gold, if they so choose.

If you mouse over bubbles, they are coloured based on free/paid/lifetime and they can customize the colour for each bubble based on that. So nothing stopping them having a ‘maxed’ option too, realistically. I believe seanblue’s point was that you lose your purple from buying lifetime if you hit 60 and there’s no differentiation between a free level 60 and a lifetime level 60, for example.

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