How much mental scaffolding is required for a simple word

At the first few stages of learning a word I sometimes have these elaborate mnemonics that eventually go away by themselves and are replaced with fast recall.

But they’re fun while I have to use them!

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Seems a bit excessive for a such a straightforward word. I didn’t recall it instantly but I remember the kanji readings and meanings:
help + say => must be advice (or something related)

By the way, you got the readjng wrong, it’s じょげん (which is why it’s better to rely on kanji readings then coming up with reading mnemonics for simple jukugo)

That’s not Joe, it’s じょane :joy:

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yeah thats a good point, I think this was just the initial story I made up. It definitely became “help + talk” = advice very quickly

I tried using this in conversation once and was told “we just say アドバイス”


When in doubt try Katakana Engrish :joy:

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hahaha this works like 90% of the time so might as well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The little woman!

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