How many people or What is your nationality? 何人

Scrolling through the community I came across a different reading and meaning for the same exact Jukugo: How many people and What is your nationality( 何人(なんにん) or 何人(なにじん)), but they possess different readings for both kanji. My question, now that I think more about it, is to see if I am correct in my assumption or if I mistook the kanjis.


I think you are correct. This is how I learned them as well.

Is nani jin actually jukugo? Seems like it’s just 2 separate words to me, and jin is used instead of hito because it’s the jin that attaches to countries to communicate nationality.

I don’t know for sure if it is a jukugo but it seems like it to me. That “trick” or mental note to remember jin always helps, I use it a lot as well!

I don’t know if the other meaning and reading appear later in Wanikani but having learned one and not the other confused me a bit when I saw the post in question. But hey, at least now I know.

I have learned なんじん in Genki. I have not seen it in Wanikani.

Oh cool! Haven’t started Genki yet but It’s the firs on the list after I pass some more levels in WaniKani.

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