How many leeches did you collect?

WELL ARENT YOU SPECIAL :triumph::triumph:


I’ve almost hit 500 :persevere:

I’ve been lazy about doing my reviews in the past couple months because I got burned out. I haven’t even started on the level 29 material yet, I’m just trying to get back in the groove of doing my reviews and trying to get rid of some of these leeches.



Seriously though, this is my objective. I don’t care much for my level-up times, so I stop lessons whenever I feel I’m snowed under.


37 PM

It’s that damn 土, I can never get it right :weary::weary:


I got that one wrong just a few hours ago. I think it’ll be my last burnt item at 60

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  • 60 leeches at the moment (though I would say 10 are items I only got wrong once).
  • Leeches represent 1,8% of my total items.

Things I do:

  • Make sure to know all 5 items I’m doing lessons from before going for the first review;
  • Review all the items I’ve learned in the lessons’ summary. I do 1 lesson session per day with 20 items. Because of this, I might end up forgetting more (+ new items learned = + % of possible leeches). By doing another review in the Lesson’s summary session, I reduce the risk and reinforce my learning. It just takes 1 extra minute and avoids a bunch of headaches in the future.
  • I review every item I get wrong in my reviews. If it’s vocab, I try to find a new mnemonic (resets your learning and avoids confusion with other words). With Kanji, if I confused it with another, I’ll compare them using the radicals. If it’s the Kanji itself that seems awkward to me, I deconstruct it and try to find a mnemonic. The simpler the mnemonic, the better. If you’re bilingual+, use both languages for the mnemonics.
  • I also do KW. A significant amount of my leeches are from levels 8 and 11. I haven’t unlocked those levels on KW yet.


wow people usually spend less time on first two levels while more time on later ones.

I created my account on the 19th of May, but only started with WK on the 6th of June. At the time, I thought this was an app so I opened the Android app and was like “Wth is thiiiiissssss!!! I don’t understaaaand what to dooooo!!!” :joy: My level 1 actually was around 4 days :slight_smile:

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The first two levels are actually shorter in the srs system. I think you can complete them in 3-4 days versus 7 days for the later levels

yeah, i think level 26 and levels ahead of 45 are also like this.

though i haven’t yet reached that stage.

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I found a real lvl60 adult who can confirm This

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Forgive the question, but what is the script/ extension that lets you see leech amounts?


Thank you very much :smiley:

7 Leeches, according to the script. That’s still alright, I suppose.

I’m currently at 2 apprentice and 11 guru leeches.

Not bad, but not good either I guess. Oh well.


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I stopped using the override script recently.
I think you can guess what’s happening with my leech count :sweat:
32 in Apprentice and 7 in Guru at the moment, and growing.

Finally, burn in hell SOIL!



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