How long until reviews slow down?

Hey guys, so I’m on level 14, and since I opened this level I have only been able to devote 20 minutes a day to WaniKani due to schoolwork and stuff. I have a backlog of about 300 reviews on average, and by doing 20 minutes a day I fluctuate between 400 and just under 200 in my queue. I noticed they’ve begun to slow down just a little bit as I burn more items, but I’m wondering how long it will take until I work down to about 100 in the queue, which is a number I can easily attack in 20 minutes if I have a good run. I’m not doing any lessons until I get my reviews down to 0, so I’m curious how long this might take.

According to WaniKani stats, I’ve been on this level for 53 days. I did reset from level 15 a few weeks ago. I probably can’t devote more time to the site until the semester ends, but I’d like to hear your estimates on how long it might take for me to clear my review queue based on my current pace.



Hmm this all depends on accuracy during reviews as well. If you’re getting higher accuracy, you’ll notice a difference in the pace slowing down probably after about a week or so as you continue moving items out of apprentice (can vary depending on when guru/master/enlightened/burn items are coming up though, so you may still have “higher” reviews days) – but if accuracy isn’t high, the amount of apprentice items might not come down as quickly as you’d like and can result in it taking a longer time before the pace starts slowing down for you

Maybe check out something like the WK Ultimate Timeline script (if you haven’t already) to give yourself a better visualization of what to expect for your upcoming reviews


Hahahhaha this guy said “how long until reviews slow down.”

They never slow down bud.

In all seriousness, if it’s too much for you to handle, do less new items. That way your review pile doesn’t get any larger with new items, and you can just focus on reviewing the 300 items you’re currently reviewing instead of that + a consistent stream of new items to struggle with.

For me I average 150-200 reviews a day. I do all new vocabulary immediately. 10-15 new kanji every 2-3 days.

On days where I lag behind or had a long weekend/bad memory, My reviews will quickly jump up to 300+ reviews due to how many new items I’m constantly adding.

Your accuracy plays a huge part in # of reviews too.


Maybe you should read the first post more closely. :wink:


His review count HAS to be going down. Even if he got 10/300 items correct every session, his review count would be going down right?

Sure he said he’s not doing any new items until his reviews hit 0. Doesn’t mean he’s actually doing it :wink:

Like MissMisc already mentioned, the Ultimate Timeline script is probably your best bet.

Also, hang in there, a lot of people break and give up when the reviews get too much, I’ve been there myself and wasted almost 2 month and then ended up resetting to level 1. Don’t make the same mistake! :wink:

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Depends. It could even go up. Scenario - no apprentice or guru reviews, but a constant stream of master/enlightened/burn reviews incoming. Fail some of those, the master/enlightened/burn reviews keep coming, but now you have lower level items thrown on the stack. Failing items is sort of like doing new lessons.


They slow down when you hit level sixty and run out of new items. :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends on when you started slowing down. If you go at top speed for 4 months, things won’t slow down for several more months because even without new items you’ll still have a steady stream of reviews finishing their cycles.

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I’m not doing any items…my accuracy just sucks lol. (It’s slowly getting better, though.)

Hahaha. Good one.

What you can do to minimize the amount of reviews, though, other than simply being more accurate, is to aim to keep your apprentice queue close to 100 items. Or a lower number if you’re really inundated; just hold off on new lessons until more move up. Obviously the smaller your apprentice (and Guru even) queues are, the lower your amount of daily reviews will be.

If you find reviews taking a long time, too, you could also prompt yourself to go faster. The final goal is to be able to read these kanji somewhat fluently anyway. (I do like taking my time for recall, especially early on, but this is totally viable if you’re feeling a time crunch.)

Right, but the review count being at zero doesn’t really matter. It just means you’re done with that day’s reviews–not that your daily workload has decreased any. If you want less work each day, the things to keep an eye on are the apprentice and guru queues, and you can use those as indicators for when to do new lessons, rather than just the (meaningless) amount of reviews you currently have.


When I read the title of this topic, I had to laugh because usually you see “When will things speed up?”

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Even when you reach lvl 60 it still takes a while for them to slow down. I reached lvl 60 several days ago, haven’t done any lessons yet my reviews haven’t slowed any considerable amount and according to the timeline they won’t for like a month at least.


That doesn’t seem right. After a few days, there should be no apprentice reviews left, and a few more days no gurus. Are you failing enough to offset that reduction?

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I’ll admit I haven’t had the best of accuracy lately, and I have a lot of leeches :sweat_smile:

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it’s not only the apprentice items. keeping apprentice low only kills the queue at low level. at 60, there’s supposed to be a constant stream of older things to haunt you.

it’ll slow down eventually, but not in a few days.

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