How long do you study a day and what do you accomplish in that time?


Obviously you shouldn’t only use Japanese the Manga Way, just as you shouldn’t use any single source. That’s why I recommend following up JtMW with Genki’s massive amount of practice exercises (which is where Genki shines)- if you encounter anything that JtMW doesn’t cover, you’ll have Genki on hand. But when you are a beginner in grammar, and have limited time, you have to pick and choose, and my post was about picking, choosing, and dividing up your time.

As far as the scope, I’ve learned far more from JtMW than Genki, as far as grammar goes. Admittedly, this is only Genki I I’m comparing it to- I never made it to Genki II.

A good example is が,は、and を. I don’t have Genki on hand at the moment but I remember it’s coverage of these particles being pretty basic and to the point- like, maybe a page each. The JtMW chapters on them covered around 20 pages (admittedly, these pages are less efficiently laid out than Genki, but still). I came out of them with a much better understanding of their use than I did with all my time using Genki. I was always fuzzy about the difference between はand が in particular, and I came out of JtMW with a better understanding of how they differ, when to use them, and how to pick them out in complex sentences.

Part of the reason I like JtMW is because it is organized based on sentence structure, building up to more and more complex sentences. It starts with the basic types of sentences and works up. While Genki… I’ll be honest. I have no idea what it’s organization is going for. It feels like random pieces of knowledge thrown here and there.

Sorry for the overly long post just barely related to the main topic, it’s just that I spent years trying to use Genki as a primary resource and hitting my head against a wall (It was my school textbook- I didn’t do terribly well in school.). I’m finally making progress in grammar because, to be blunt, I stopped using it.


A while back, I measured how long I studied and what I used during my study sessions:

It was pretty eye-opening for me. I highly suggest taking maybe a week to examine your actual study habits and decide whether they’re helpful or not. Sometimes, we get into a routine and stick with it, even if it may not be as useful to our progression as it used to be. I currently don’t have a set routine, but I’m in the middle of planning a new one out.

Like others have said, though, it all comes down to what you do with your time more than how long you have. I’d try and allot more time to my weaknesses and less time to my strengths. For example, if you think reading is your biggest problem, maybe do more reading activities: make time challenges for material you’re mostly familiar with (practice sentences, short paragraphs, etc.), maybe pick an easy-ish manga or book and try reading a few pages each week, things like that. Keep reevaluating your weaknesses, too, since they may change as you progress!


Yes, I have seen that thread in the forum and visited the website. But until now I didn’t register because I thought it would get too much. With Wanikani, Genki and JtMW plus sometime Lingodeer, I don’t know how to fit bunpro in. Maybe I’ll give it a try and drop Lingodeer :wink:
I’m really interested in learning grammar, so that’s not the problem. I need to figure out which resource helps me the most right now :blush:

Yes! I will try your method. I worked through the first lesson of JtMW yesterday and really enjoyed it. I think I will stick with JtMW at the moment and if I need a change I can still do the next Genki chapter.

It was interesting to read. Maybe I will measure my study habits, too.

Thanks everyone! I do feel much more comfortable now :grinning:


Bunpro doesn’t take that much time per day simply because you have a lot less items to review per day compared to WaniKani. I get around 20 items/day and I study grammar pretty much every day. Sometimes I get less than 10. What will need more time will be grammar itself, but you’re already doing it through textbooks. Even so, Bunpro would allow you to review your grammar through the SRS system leading to better long-term results :slight_smile:


I do at least half an hour of reading (or at the very least two pages, when I really don’t feel like it)

Most of my time is spent in anki, mostly studying words I’ve looked up and added to my custom deck (I aim for around 110-120 items a day, counting both reviews and new words). The bulk of this is done during time spent waiting during the day though.

Another deck contains all the non-WK kanji I encounter. I add about 10 each week.

I also have a deck of grammar points where I aim to do about 10 items a day, making up my own mnemonics.

Apart from that I have a listening practice webapp I cobbled together, that I use to practice 35-50 words each day.

In total, I would estimate about 1 hour 45 minutes of study.

Apart from this, I try to get one hour of japanese conversation in each week using italki. And I watch Japanese let’s plays (実況プレイ) from time to time.

EDIT: forgot my kanji deck in anki.


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