How important are Vocabulary on Wanikani?

I read that you should use Wanikani for Kanji and the Vocab are just a extra.

Is this true or do they have another purpose?

Oh and yes I know that a language is made of Vocabulary :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you misunderstood a post about the purpose of vocab on WK. People (me included) often say that vocab isn’t the focus of WK, but that doesn’t mean it’s just an extra. The vocab are used the teach the kanji, which is why WK can’t be your only vocab resource. You won’t get all the words you need just by studying WK alone, because it focuses on kanji, but you need all the vocab to learn those kanji.


So the vocabs are here to reinforce the Kanji?


Surely you’ve noticed by now that often the vocab words have readings for kanji that you didn’t learn when the lesson happened because they only teach one at that time.

And there are many missing words that are important. Obviously you will learn a great deal of useful words here, but it’s just a starting point. WK doesn’t teach you how to use the vocab it has, so you have to take it from there.


If anything, the Vocab REALLY helps you to reinforce the Kanji and some Kanji that I had guru’d shakily actually gets remembered much better once I learnt the Vocab made out of those Kanji


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