How do your lessons pile up?

Great question.

Skipping vocabulary and just leveling up kanji & radicals seems weird to me because, personally, vocabulary is the whole point! (I learn radicals to help memorize kanji so I can read Japanese vocabulary.)

Focusing almost exclusively on kanji/radicals seems so painful and difficult to me! I find the latter days on a level so much more pleasant expressly because the lessons become mostly vocabulary and not kanji. I kinda dread seeing several days of the dreaded pink immediately after leveling up.

To each their own, but to me vocabulary is the fun bit and kanji is a necessary chore. Fun or not, vocabulary items hammer home the readings and meanings of characters I’ve already learned.

On a related note: I recently discovered torii. It really made my day: I’m looking forward to learning lots of additional vocabulary after finishing “only” a few thousand here on WK.