How do people climb so fast!?

Whenever I feel like I’m going too slow I try to step it up. It’s not like you’re risking your health like you do in a gym if you’re biting off more than you can chew. My favourite part about learning languages, besides getting access to content of course. Worst case scenario with doing it wrong is failing to learn a block of knowledge like grammar or vocab and losing a bit of your motivation. In that case it’s still not wasted time because it makes you a more experienced and a better language learner. Being able to make adjustments is a big deal you know.


You can always join us in the slow lane :durtle_noice:

Let the journey be part of the process.

I subscribed in January myself.

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Eventually kanji will start making more sense allowing you to take on more lessons at any given time. I kind of had an epiphany to combine the traditional radical system with the existing mnemonics and it was a gamechanger.

Your speed seems to about the same as mine. And to level up faster I would have to spend more time per day on this - and that’s not something I want to do. This is fun (ok sometimes it’s insanely frustrating…) and I’ve learnt a lot but for me it’s important to focus on other aspects of learning Japanese as well.

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Can you explain what you mean by this further, I’m not sure I understand…what do you mean by “traditional radical system” are they different than this radical system? (I’m new at this)

See WaniKani’s guide: Radical Names | WaniKani Knowledge.

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