How do I come back after an extended vacation?


I had to go on vacation mode for a month as I was in SE Asia and had very limited wifi and just my phone. Any suggestions for getting back in the swing of things? Is it better to backtrack a few levels (can anyone do that?), or should I just grit my teeth and deal with all the forgetting of newer items?

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I don’t think resetting levels is necessary if you only took a month off. The newer items should be reestablished in your memory as you get them wrong, and you can think of those reviews as “taking the lessons again” if you want.


A lot of people have been asking this and discussing in the forums recently ( a lot of people taking breaks over christmas and what not) I suggest searching those and looking at all the answers there already! a lot of different view points. good luck!

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Let the SRS do its thing. It can be a bit irritating getting lower scores than usual, but you’ll catch up.

Just make sure you read the mnemonics carefully whenever you get an item wrong.

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