How can I bypass the wait time?


Is there something that is on here that i can overwrite the wait time with? on lessons + reviews? (Because i have to wait 8 hours and i don’t have the time to do that :sweat_smile:


Nope, sorry. You have done all your lessons? Then wait. The start of WK is painfully slow, everyone knows, but it will definitely pick up by around level 4 or 5.

Don’t worry; everyone thinks the start is slow, but it is needed to enforce the memorization aspect.


I wonder if this question has been asked before



You can’t.


Enjoy it while you can. Give it a few more levels and you’ll be wishing the reviews would slow the F down.


The pace is going to be okay in the long term.


What do I do now thread -


Not sure if it’s possible to private message here. If I find out how, I may contact OP about this.


It’s not possible, by the choice of the staff.


Ok, thanks for the info. OP, you can use this product the way it is, use a different product or track your own learning. Up to you.


oh ok; I mistooken the radical ‘slide’ for the radical ‘barb’ dumb mistake I know… But anyways thank you for your help! ^ ^/