How can I bypass the wait time?

Is there something that is on here that i can overwrite the wait time with? on lessons + reviews? (Because i have to wait 8 hours and i don’t have the time to do that :sweat_smile:

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Nope, sorry. You have done all your lessons? Then wait. The start of WK is painfully slow, everyone knows, but it will definitely pick up by around level 4 or 5.

Don’t worry; everyone thinks the start is slow, but it is needed to enforce the memorization aspect.

I wonder if this question has been asked before



You can’t.

Enjoy it while you can. Give it a few more levels and you’ll be wishing the reviews would slow the F down.


The pace is going to be okay in the long term.

What do I do now thread -


Not sure if it’s possible to private message here. If I find out how, I may contact OP about this.

It’s not possible, by the choice of the staff.

Ok, thanks for the info. OP, you can use this product the way it is, use a different product or track your own learning. Up to you.

oh ok; I mistooken the radical ‘slide’ for the radical ‘barb’ dumb mistake I know… But anyways thank you for your help! ^ ^/

I wonder why they refuse to implement an option to speed things up. Not all people come to this portal with zero knowledge of the language. I’d rather start doing actual learning instead of checking the phone every couple of hours for 3 months straight.

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You should check out the guide/review @Naphthalene wrote for reaching Lvl 60. It focuses specifically on the usefulness of WaniKani for advanced learners, maybe it’ll help answer some questions you have :slightly_smiling_face:


They have answered that question many times.


They should probably post the answer somewhere obvious so people would stop asking then. I googled, found nothing.

Did you try looking at the FAQ/Knowledge Base?


You know is a new year when it suddenly overflows with this kind of questions.


Yeah, they really should. Why didn’t they think of that. I was talking about the mumbling koichi does at his desk.


You mean beyond the stickied post that’s called the Unofficial FAQ? It’s pretty hard to miss being the second highest thread on this board…

No need to keep checking your phone. You can just do reviews and lessons once a day. On higher levels may be worth splitting up but at the start I think only worth checking once a day. There are tons of other stuff to do in the mean time.

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