How are you watching Japanese Media?

Who am I to argue with someone who is not only an expert on what every Japanese person has ever said, but also my personal information and life experience and the personal information and life experience of every stranger on a forum. :upside_down_face:


Japanese media consumption with me happens by buying it either on DVD, in iTunes or sometimes watching it on youtube. Very (VERY) seldom on Netflix, as I always forget I have it. I prefer to own what I watch so I can linger on (or run away from) the movie/anime/music for as long as I like.

I’m subscribed to SKY PerfecTV ! in Japan (Satellite TV) and record those shows in a computer with a tuner. I can access the computer either if not in Japan actually, which has become incredibly useful this year.
CCs can become subs files, so that as a learner is really handy. The setup and the actual installation of satellite TV was rather expensive as is the monthly bill (about 4,000 yen). It’s worth it if I consider the content and the availability of subs for content I would otherwise struggle to consume or make use of / besides there’re the DVR capabilities.

@docdemort thanks for the Matsuko recommendation, I’ve been watching some episodes now and realized I actually had some old ones too. It’s broadcasted with CCs by the way, so cool. I’ve seen him everywhere on TV, but never sat to watch any of the shows until now. Nice show, マツコ会議, at least for the episodes I’ve watched so far I’m liking it. I just assumed it was going to be too over the top, but has been nothing like that so far. :ok_hand:


No, of course not. The only 100% accurate proof is just saying something and telling everybody else they’re wrong


My reaction every time I see your profile picture pop up… “errmahgard! PUPPY!!!”

On the actual subject of the discussion, I’ve been watching Terrace House to help with my listening, and I hear the guys use that a fair bit. Age doesn’t seem to matter, since they see each other as more or less equal while living together. The 18 year old says it to the 31 year old and vice versa. From everything I’ve gathered, home type situations like that are much more relaxed and informal, but even in public, you can use that style of speech once you are on good terms. Some people might just reach that point faster than others haha…

My reaction every time I see your profile picture pop up… “errmahgard! PUPPY!!!”
He’s not a puppy anymore. :frowning: Almost 11 now and showing his age. :cry:

I was going through an online Japanese course and in the case of formal speech, the idea was that if you are going to Japan for business, even if you become friendly with your colleagues, it is possible you will never get to the comfort level of less formal speech.

Obviously that isn’t entirely true as I do have one colleague from Japan I talk to in a mostly informal way. I won’t use お前 with him, other than quoting things like Fist of the North Star. :smiley:

But yeah, entirely possible that folks learning Japanese that get the chance to spend time there could get to that level.