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Hi everyone. I do my reviews multiple times a day. It has become a habit, which is great.

If you disregard my level 1 performance (took me a while to actually start using it), it takes me a bit under 9.66 days on average. I found early levels easier due to prior exposure to Japanese, but they are getting harder now, so my average time will probably climb. I currently don’t re-order things to unlock levels quicker.

I just took the JLPT N3, and whether I pass or fail, I intend to take N2 in Dec next year. I will probably be in the 40s in terms of my WK level by then. I wish I could hit 60 at that time…

I am a 40-something yr old with a full-time job. I try to immerse in Japanese to some extent every day. I studied for a year in Japan as a college student, which is where I got my foundation in Japanese, though only in the past 8 months or so have I been taking it seriously again.

Any tips to help speed things up a bit (without getting too overwhelmed) are greatly appreciated!


Are you against any kind of reorder script or have you just not bothered yet? Those scripts allow you to optimally manage your lessons (and therefore your reviews) by allowing you to spread lessons out across more days without slowing down. That’s to say, you don’t have to use them to go faster, but they could allow you to do 15, 15, and 15 lessons in three days instead of something like 30, 15, and 0 (if you’re doing that currently).

I’d personally recommend the following script if you’re interested in any kind of lesson optimization.
I’m not biased or anything. :eyes:

By the way, 9-10 days is a very respectable level up time. I did 8-10 days for a while but I got overwhelmed eventually and slowed down to around 14-16 days per level.

P.S. If you click a level on the bar chart it will get removed from your average and median calculations.


You’re doing great!
There’s not much you can do to speed up without using the reorder script, except if you did all your lessons instantly all the time.
I’d just use the reorder script already and always do all radical lessons immediately, and all kanji lessons when you guru’d all radicals.
There’s really no downside to this. I’ve been doing this since the first few levels and i don’t regret anything.
Of course, if that overwhelms you, just take it easy. Always do reviews first, and lessons only if you can manage the workload (<100 apprentice items).
The most important thing is that you don’t give up. Because then your progress will be extremely slow :wink:
build a routine. i always do my reviews first thing in the morning and last in the evening.
discipline > motivation yada yada

Thanks for the tips! Maybe I will use the re-order script. I will also try the script suggested by seanblue.

I wouldn’t touch the reorder script, from painful experience. @seanblue’s script fixes most of its main problems, and is easier and quicker for your machine to load.

Try not to have more than 100-120 apprentice items at a time. Personally I can’t handle more than ~50 ever since I started burning items and encountered mostly items I didn’t know previously.

(Summoning @jprspereira for a link to his guide.)


with great power comes great responsibility.

More like it took way too much time to load, messed up the layout, and I also read a lot of testimonials about how it ruined people’s learning :joy:

(It also didn’t have the options I wanted – @seanblue’s reviews reorder script is superior if I have a backlog of reviews. If I’m in the clear I don’t touch it.)

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Ah, interesting. Yeah, it can be a bit buggy.
But i don’t see how it can mess up your learning unless you keep not learning all your vocab items before you level up or something. I’ve been doing it pretty much since the start and i’m often at 0/0 (lessons/reviews). I do spend a lot of time studying though.

btw i like your reply in the other thread that you don’t always have to clear your review stack, even doing 10 reviews here and there helps a lot. People are sometimes perfectionists to their own detriment. If you must always clear your review stack in one go, of course you’re gonna despair when it hits 300 or so.

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Clearing your review stack entirely is a very rewarding feeling. You know closure and all. Seing a stack of work and leaving back to the main page and seing its all gone is very satisfying. And the bigger the stack you took down, the more rewarding it is. Sometimes when pushing through 200 reviews my concentration fades away, and not recognizing items you know isn’t so rewarding anymore. But usually i feel pretty good after taking down a big 150 or 200.
But as I always say: Everyone needs to find their own way. (I should bind this to a hotkey.)

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Also on topic. 10 days is a very efficent pace. Good time frame to finsih and not as crumped as 7-8 days. Just under 2 years for 2000 kanji. And therefore still about 15 new items you learn every day.

Sure, clearing a big review stack feels great.
But it can also set some people up to not open Wanikani for 7 months because they reached 500 reviews on holidays and they feel like they can’t get it to 0 in one day.
So this is a risk of that attitude.
But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I personally also try to clear my review stack, and i know i won’t give up because of a big one :slight_smile:

I agreee

I agreeeee x2

dabs in guidance


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