📆 Hobonichi 2023 📌 - a quote a day

Hobonichi(ほぼ日) is a type of notebook that uses a day by day or a week by week spread layout. Every page comes with a small quote on the bottom, which is in Japanese. This thread is to comment on the meaning and translation of this little quotes and also if you like you can share your 手帳 or contribute to the journaling conversation. :spiral_notepad:

This hobonichi I bought it with the intention of writing in it solely in Japanese, so it’s going to be a challenge and great to improve my handwriting!

There are already threads about past years hobonichi quotes (2022) :pushpin: and I thought it would be nice to have a 2023 thread too.

So bring your bag of chips and let’s get writing!

bag of chips not included

Disclaimer I will try my best to post my interpretation of the quote “each” day, but my Japanese is very basic, I encourage everyone to go ahead and try to translate it too so we can compare and help each other! Pls understand.



28th: "I received a lively message on LINE from a junior for my birthday. “Thank you for your birthday” It could come off as being happy for me being born, and that made me smile, thank you. "

Not sure what the endings “まつがい” mean here, we encounter them twice in this passage. First as “取れるが打ちまつがい” and finally at the very end『今日の言いまつがい』より. I tried to look them up in Bunpro but got no results


Ahhh, that’s a Hobonichi-ism! They collect stories about when people accidentally get their words muddled (like here, instead of おめでとうございます they accidentally say ありがとうございます). They call those まがい instead of まがい (‘mistake’).


Ohhh well now it makes sense! That’s a bit funny.

March 29th: “In my own daily life, for one year I watched Sweden (?), I saw in many places one single word “Har och nu(live in the moment)”. Surround yourself with the small world that yourself and your feet that touch the ground in your life. The only true information is the one you can gather from your own eyes, ears and feet. The feeling of the world being interconnected. The happiness you get from the daily happenings.”

Wow so difficult. I ran it through a translator and what I did looks very different but I was still surprised some of my parts were very similar to the translator! The first line was the hardest for sure.

Translator version

In the past year of looking at myself, my surroundings, and Sweden, one of the words I have seen in various places is "Här och nu (Live in the moment). To live with one’s feet firmly planted in the small world that surrounds one’s self and one’s surroundings. The information you gather with your eyes, ears, and feet must be the truth. Feel that the world is connected. To be happy in each and every small event of daily life.

Naoko Akechi in her book, “Här och nu,” a restaurant at home, a place to live that deepens your life.

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This thread reminded me to finally commit to buying a journal, and why not get one with some free Japanese reading practice! I found out there is a spring version, starting in April just like the Japanese fiscal year. So now I can start fresh on April 1st :slight_smile:


Since you’ve only just started this thread, you may have skipped the March 21st quote. I thought that one was pretty funny too. It’s a やりまつがい.

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What did I do? Or rather, what did I not do?
I try to think about these questions when I write. I also write down what I felt, what I thought.
Each day might be similar, but I still try to recall, and I write it down.
Maybe that’s what being alive is all about.
The me of that day only exists on that one day. I try to tell my future self: don’t forget!

Volitional form is always a bit awkward in English, haha.


I thought today’s quote was very nice, I feel if I don’t have something to remember my days by I will forget everything lol, but that one appears on my 31st, not 30th.

I couldn’t complete yesterday’s quote so here it is


I like to be alone.
Until now it hasn’t bothered me at all.
But if someone would come, then I would feel happy.
I noticed that on myself.

(わけgrammar point is new for me! I learned it on the book club this week, need to check it again)


That’s interesting! Mine goes from April 1st 2023 until March 31st 2024, and I was wondering how they were gonna do it with the quotes, but I found the ones you were talking about earlier at the very end, in March 2024, so I just assumed they would line up, but it seems like they always switch two. 28th and 29th are also 逆 for me. Well, come April 1st there will hopefully be less confusion.


Also I’ve been wanting to put on a pic of my journal, I kind of went crazy with the stickers! I love them so much!!
Yesterday I had no time at all to write my entry, but I’ll catch up after work :smiling_face:

Please forgive my horrible handwriting


Rock and roll is so cool! Makes me want to move.
I think that life is one door, so which door you enter is okay, because everything is there.
It would take a lifetime to travel the universe and everything that exists weights the same thing.

This is way too above my level :sweat_drops:


Rock’n’Roll is so cool! It moves me.
I think every single song is just like a door.
It doesn’t matter which door you enter from. If you open it, everything will be there.
A universe reveals itself before you, so vast that you could never discover all of it, even if you spent your whole life on it.
Everything exists with the same weight.

This one was a bit tricky, and I actually double-checked the original interview this quote was from, and that cleared up some context for me. The interviewer basically asks him what „the one song“ was that made him discover rock‘n‘roll, and he said he doesn’t like that question, because he doesn’t think the song was actually that relevant. And in the metaphor that he uses above, which is a quote from right after that question, all the songs are doors, and the world behind them is rock’n’roll. Basically, no matter what door you enter from, no matter what song you meet first, you’ll end up discovering the whole world of rock‘n‘roll that is inside.

And just one little addition: 感動する is to be moved emotionally, it doesn’t have anything to do with physically moving :slight_smile:


見つめたこの一年. This one year that has happenings in Sweden looked at (into?) fixedly. It’s 見詰める.

揺るがずに地に足をつけて. Feet fixed on the ground without shaking / wavering.

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We have a new まつがい!

April 4th

During a busy morning, I was taking my son to the kindergarten and I should’ve said
“Put your handkerchier in your pocket” but I said
“Put your handkerchief in your cheek”
Like a hamster?!


I have a hamster, I like this まつがい :hamster:

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