Hitting a Wall

Do you use the radicals and mnemonics much? That makes a huge difference for me. Naming all the radicals in the kanji in my head reminds me of the mnemonic, and recollection becomes much easier. It’s good to have mental pathways that go beyond trying to recognise it at a glance.

It can also help to devote extra time to those leeches.

With the Self-Study script along with the Additional Filters, you can set up study quizzes that only cover leeches. If it’s not sticking the regular way after repeated attempts getting it through the SRS, they may need a more forceful hand.

Do you read much? The extra exposure in context can also really help to cement things. As, again, you’ll be developing more mental pathways connected to those items. ^^

Sometimes it’s also easier to remember if you know some of the kanji’s compounds tend to take certain readings. I still think the semantic-phonetic composition script should be a standard part of WK, because it’s so useful.

Best of luck! I think almost all of us run into this at some point.

When I saw the topic, I thought, “Oh, @anon9242278 is having a tough time of it, huh?” But no, you two just use identical avatars, with a slight difference in how zoomed in it is.