Hiragana and Katakana Memory Games

Just a memory game I made for the class I’m giving.

There are also specific pairs of lines:

Hiragana a-ka - Match The Memory
Hiragana sa-ta - Match The Memory
Hiragana na-ha - Match The Memory
Hiragana ma-ya - Match The Memory
Hiragana ra-wan - Match The Memory

The katakana counterpart is finished!

Again, there are specific pairs of lines:

Katakana a-ka - Match The Memory
Katakana sa-ta - Match The Memory
Katakana na-ha - Match The Memory
Katakana ma-ya - Match The Memory


Very nice! Is it all right if I share this? Cute pictures, I like how the matching cards don’t have the same image on them.


found all the matches on Hiragana ka in 00:17 and 14 flips!

Woo, yay me!


Of course! I do have all the cards, I’m only using two of each (there are three).

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found all the matches on Hiragana ka in 00:22 and 14 flips!

Close! :eyes:

For anyone still interested, the memory game is finished, with 46 pairs. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll do the katakana one next semester. :wink:


You found all the matches in 03:04 and 50 flips!

:open_mouth: How did you did that?! haha so fast

Yes pls yes pls :bowing_woman:


The game is wonderful, and is also a great way to teach some basic vocabulary.
My only critique is that if I am zoomed out so that I can see all of the cards, the hiragana words are too small for me to make out completely. It may just be my browser but will play around for a bit to see.

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You found all the matches in 06:52 and 128 flips!

I am bad at this game :weary:

Guess I gotta play it over and over to practise :woman_shrugging:


It looks like the cards are each images. One possibility is that you could manually go through and have a version of the game with smaller images and larger text for visually impacted folk … I know that it wold take some work though.
If I look very closely, I can manage to read the names on the cards.
Thank you for nice game. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t manged to finish a game without giving up, so you are doing better than I.
But it is distracting to be bitten by wolves while I play. :eyes:

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Ah, yes. My monitor is big, and I play with 125% zoom, but that’s why I have it set to 12 pairs by default.

Otherwise you have to zoom out. Something like 20 pairs with 100% zoom seems to be fine as well.
But games would take too long.

We once played a 1 and a half hour game with 30 pairs.

46 pairs with 67% zoom seems doable. Just big enough to read for me.

I just recommend playing the 12 pair one (or more if you’re up for a challenge) several times instead of trying to play all the pairs at once. :slight_smile:

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found all the matches on Hiragana in 08:33 and 304 flips!

It’s really exposing what characters I’m still likely to mix up. Maybe I just need to play it some more.

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I’m actually working on it right now, it’ll probably be ready by the end of the week.

I’ll update the post then. :slight_smile:

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Updated. :grin:

I love it!

Would you consider making a printable version (PDF with the cards, maybe?) so we could print them out and play offline?

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I can share the PDF with the cards that I used to make this, sure. :slight_smile: (I found it online.)

(Give me a few hours, since I’m busy atm)

Oh, and these are the backgrounds I made for the cards. :slight_smile:

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Thank so much!

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