Need help for Core Vocab

I am sorry if this sounds repetitive. I am looking for vocab decks for my anki iOS app.
I could find some old links on the forums but they seem to be invalid.
I am using Bunpo for grammar and since WK is more than good enough for kanji (at least for the next year or so), I would like to start with vocab as well.
Can anyone help me with links, please ?!? :face_with_monocle:

If you have the official anki ios app, can‘t you just use the search option to find a published core 10k anki deck? I‘m pretty sure there were several aviable last time I used anki web to look for decks :thinking:

I tried searching with keywords like Japanese, core vocab, core 10K etc.
I could see two decks with around 9560 notes each. I was not sure if these are the correct decks because the ratings they have got is 1 and 4 (3 :+1: and 1 :-1: )
As the files are pretty big, I would like to seek help before downloading the whole thing and maybe regretting later

Oh, ok. I never downloaded it. I use torii at the moment for the core10k

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torii… I read about it here in the community. Do you use it on a computer or mobile?
I wonder if torii has an iOS app though !? Last time I looked for it, it wasn’t available.

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Hi! I just downloaded this one last night, prepared by someone from the WaniKani community: The decks seem to get taken down regularly from Ankiweb (because the content of the core decks are from another website if I understand correctly).

The link doesn’t want to download directly in Safari iOS (mega says it’s too big), but you can download it on desktop and sync it with AnkiWeb to get it on your phone. :relaxed:

I also looked at Toori, but it doesn’t have an iOS app.


Thank you so much, I shall try this!

If you are interested I have the 10k deck I use posted on


How about KameSame? @searls has just added a new feature:


Reinforcing this. Hine’s version of Core 10k offers people so many different ways to study the material (you can even review the sentences) and it’s being massively improved by the Kitsun userbase.


sadly it’s only viable on pc at the moment.

Thank you for suggesting. I started using it and getting a comfortable feel using it on phone as well.
I prefer using the study resources on my mobile, and hence was apprehensive about many well reviewed websites. Thanks again!

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