Hills Radical - Available Now but Can't Review

For some reason after doing a review session on Flaming Durtles in which I reviewed the Hills radical, it kept showing up as unreviewed. I decided to check Wanikani itself and Wanikani says I have no reviews. The Hills radical shows up as greyed out (as if it is still locked on the Level page), and when I hover over the radical in the Dashboard Apprentice userscript display, it says it is available now. When I try and Browse level 8 radicals in Flaming Durtles, it no longer lists the Hills radical.

I had no prior issues with the Hills radical that I knew of (I got it to Apprentice 3 without issue). Is this some kind of bug that can be caused by the Flaming Durtles app?


Just checked and it looks the same for me, looking at its page it seems like they might have moved it to level 29. Probably because it doesn’t show up in a kanji until level 30.


What… does this mean… I have to start over and relearn it!? Again!?


It shows up as already guru’d when you get there


I think that hills radical has moved levels. I’m only level 13, and I definitely remember learning it. But now it’s been shown as level 29 radical.

Also my own bookkeeping tells me that one of my learned items disappeared, and it used to be 14 radicals on level 8 and now we only have 13.

WK has a somewhat annoying habit of moving items around in order to improve the system. That’s just another case. Let’s wait for next post from WK team about Content Update.

On a good side, I definitively did not see hills radical used in any kanji, so moving it to higher level makes sense. I even complained about it recently, so it could be my own fault :pensive:



Yes it appears it has been moved…
The radicals of level 29 aren’t even enlightened yet…
Still this one is already burned haha

I have the same issue. I’m using the Tsurakame iOS app and I getting the Hills radical in every lesson I start despite having learned it multiple times. I’m currently on level 8.

I know it’s kinda been a while since you posted this, but here’s all the stuff they updated :))

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Having the exact same issue. I’ve reviewed the hills radical about 20 times now.

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