Animal radical

Going through my reviews I just encountered the level 6 “animal” radical, but then I realized that even though I’m currently at level 13 I haven’t learned any kanji that uses it. In fact as far as I can tell the first kanji using it is at level 14!

I know that sometimes wanikani introduces radicals that are not immediately used in the current level but that seems like an extreme gap. I’m going at basically max pace right now (1 level/week) and I got the radical to enlightened stage before I’ve seen a single kanji using it.


Level 13 is a weird one. They teach you ‘creeper’, then proceed to teach you ‘scarecrow’ which uses the creeper radical in it’s mnemonic


Nod and move on. It only gets sillier.

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The staff regularly update the site, but things can fall through the cracks. They’re quite responsive to feedback, in my experience, but I would recommend emailing them.

Hopefully people continue to give feedback and don’t just “move on” when they see things worth contacting them about.


Regularly update is a nice way to put it, I think. OP is going to encounter many annoying points about WK as they level up and I genuinely think it’s better to nod and move on than it is to waste time dwelling on or contacting the WK team about it. We’d be writing more emails than we would be doing our reviews!

I’ve probably emailed them like 8 times in the whole time I used the site, usually about spelling errors or incorrect definitions, and in each case it took a few minutes and they always responded with a fix.

If you’re talking about intentional design decisions you disagree with the creators on, I guess I can get not wanting to get into it with them, but if it’s something where they obviously just missed something that won’t take long to fix at all, I don’t see it as a hassle.

It probably won’t take long for this thread to exceed the time I spent on feedback to the site, so that could be an amusing development :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback, I would imagine this is not a deliberate decision and is probably just an oversight from when other items got moved around. I will put this forward to the content team and let you know what they say.

I’ll ask about this too.

Update: We’ll be making the following changes along with our next batch of content additions (ETA still TBD)

  • The ‘animal’ radical will be moved to level 14 to be learnt just before the kanji 狼 (wolf)
  • The ‘scarecrow’ radical will be moved to level 15, which will mean the kanji 福 and the vocab 福島 will also have to move to level 15.

Thanks again for the feedback!


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