Hidden gem: Learn Japanese with manga


This is a really good channel for learning Japanese through manga, so I thought posting this channel here would be interesting for you guys.

There is a lot of effort and dedication put into these videos:



I’m definitely gonna look into that when I’m home from work.
I have the first volume of yotsuba here and so far have only read the first few pages. Maybe this will be a good motivation to get started again.

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I felt the first bunch of pages were harder than most of the rest. Felt discouraged at first, now I’m on second chapter of volume 3.


Really? That’s good to hear. I will definitely try again.

That’s good to hear (or read) maybe it’s time to finally give a go at yotsuba again :smirk:

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Thanks! Didn’t know about this channel.
The internet certainly makes learning another language much easier than it was in the old days.

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And don’t forget the Yotsuba Reading Club right here on the forums!
Currently finishing off volume 9!

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