Hi! I'm interested, when did you all start with wanikani and what level are you now on?

I started on July 4, 2019. I’m currently level 20. I average 8 days 10ish hours per level.

Started on January 25 last year. Had a little setback a couple of months ago but I am pretty happy with the pace I recently got.

My 1-year WK anniversary is coming up in a week or two! I don’t have a sub, so I’m only level 3, though. (For reference, I have no Apprentice items, and only about a dozen Guru items.)

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I joined in January of this year, did one lesson, then decided I wanted to try another method. I came back in July, reached level 5 in mid-October, then got sidetracked for like 5 weeks and barely did any reviews. I reset last Friday or Saturday, and will be hitting level two again this evening.

Not probably the most useful story, since I haven’t gotten very far, but one more story anyway.

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Started the 14th of january 2019, took breaks here and there, just leveled to level 35, though I really feel like taking another one, I’m supposed to know a good amount of kanji, maybe I should actually use them and stuff

And no, you’re not slow, even if you’ve been here for 5 years at lower levels, you’re still here doing reviews, that’s better than a shitton of people that are currently watching tv while drinking beer


I started in like 2015, leveled up fast for a while, then stopped for a while, then fast again, then stopped again, then started again, then revived a lot of burned items because I wanted to review them again, then stopped again. Finally made it to 60 earlier this year, but the 60 life was too boring so I reset to level 1 and now I’m leveling up again.


I started sep 2, and average about a level up in 10-30 days(at 30 currently). I don’t do my reviews as often as I should, and I don’t have the best of study habits, but I’m still working on it, still learning alot.

I started on July 4th of 2019, and here I am at level 18… Sometimes I think I might be going too fast to be honest, but than again I’m the kind of person who wants things done yesterday haha

Almost a month. I hit Level 2 last week.

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Little over a year, took a break during the summer. Did not remember as much as I thought I would, had to reset back to level 1… :frowning:
was level 4.

I am also very slow, I dont like the reviews piling up so I do them until they start to become less frequent.

I started around with my old account December 2015, continued for 2 years or so, then I quitted because of an existential crisis. On April 2018 after graduating from university i found my passion again and came back with a brand new account :smiley:

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Started in 2017. Then quit for two years. Probably should have just reset, for aesthetic reasons. Then again, I just don’t care enough. I WILL OWN THIS MISTAKE :rofl:


I started late May this year and I’m now level 19. That did include 2 months on vacation mode for work stuff/ other study materials for the JLPT N5 I took in December.

As people have said before me, go at your own pace. I work best doing lots and lots of reviews, but that break was definitely good for me!

Yo, might be a dumb question here, but how are all of you getting those charts? I want one of those (>_<)

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From WKStats. (at https://wkstats.com)

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I started Wanikani waaaaaay back in 2013, got to level 8, stopped for 4 years, and then restarted in 2017. I was part of the insane crowd here that went as fast as I could possibly go with a level up speed of about one level every seven days and I reached level 60 last October or September. I think it took me about a year and one and one half month to finish. However I’m looking at going back and resetting to level one because I feel like I forgot a lot since then, and I want a refresher. This time I’m thinking I should not go that fast. :sweat_smile:

Long story short, I started, reset, got to level 60, and now I’m thinking about resetting.

As for your speed, don’t worry about it so much. You take as much time as you feel is right. For me, at the time, going a level every 7 days felt right, but now, I don’t think so. I’m gonna go a little slower now. You do you and do what you feel is right.


tysm. Here’s mine

Heh… massively slacked off in level 6 there, didn’t I? :sweat_smile:

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My graph is very similar, I have 1100 days on level one :sweat_smile:

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Same as @damlurker but he is one level above me :wink:

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Same 1029 days Level 1 for me too! loool