Hey thanks everybody!

Soooo I just discovered userscripts and they have changed my life. I just want to throw up a big THANK YOU to this entire community for being so dedicated to learning and finding new ways to do it even better. I’m so impressed and grateful, especially to the developers who created and continue to support all of the userscripts.

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They really are amazing, aren’t they. I assume you’ve seen the big list?

Yes! Complete game changers. I spent a couple hours yesterday combing through that list and customizing my whole experience. Like 10% of how WaniKani’s worked really annoyed me before and now I am 100% thrilled. WaniKani is literally the best Japanese study tool I have ever encountered.

Have you installed [userscript] Level-Up Celebrator! yet? You should!


WEEEEE! userscripts are the best! i had to reset to level 1 a couple months back, but this time through i have scripts, so many scripts.
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I did! And they’re all really ridiculous images too. Can’t wait to have Skeletor twerk for me next level up.