Here's a way to restore the old font

Hello, I’ve made a quick little userstyle to change the font of radicals, kanji, vocabulary items and kana back to what it was before. All japanese language objects on WaniKani, no matter where they are, should be included in that change.

This is a userstyle, not a script (so no tapermonkey) so you need to install “Stylus”. (or any other custom CSS extension)

The newest version is 1.1.1 if your version is lower than that, please update.


Thank you!

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Thank you SO much! :heart:
The new font is really unreadable for me.

For those on iOS/Safari like me, you can use Userscripts and inject the CSS also.


This is really appreciated, thank you.

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Is it possible to have this for the font in the answer input aswell?

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Yeah, I noticed this just now as well, when I did some reviews. Already cooked up a solution and updated the style. I also added some more sections to use the old font. You’re going to have to click the update button next to the style in the extension, or reinstall it manually.

You’re welcome. Make sure to click the update button in the extension, because I have included more places or spots where I changed the font back. Like the answer input, or the dashboard and such.

Tried to see if this would fix jitai… it didn’t X_x

You mean Jitai the font randomizer script? That’s a completely different thing. I have nothing to do with the development of Jitai, if that is broken you should ask the developers of that script to take a look at it. ^^
This is just a simple userstyle.

My bad I was just looking for some fixes thought maybe throwing this back to OG would make it work properly. However I did figure it out HERE … Ooooh happy days are here again.

PSA: I found a way to include all japanese language items on the entire website. Everything japanese should now look exactly as it did before. :slight_smile: If you had the style installed before, make sure to update it.


Thank you so much!

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Does anyone know any App Store equivalent to Stylus that I can use to install this on iPhone/ipad?
I use the app Userscripts to install scripts from GreasyFork but it doesn’t work on this

Userscripts should work for userstyles too last I remember. If it doesn’t, it might be a style code issue.

I don’t know much about apps, or iPhones, but maybe this helps: What this is, is basically a custom CSS code. So any app that injects custom CSS stuff into a website could work. Or maybe there is something, like Gorbit99 suggested, in the Userscripts app about CSS stuff?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Will this restore the old fonts to text that I input in the Meaning Notes section?
That’s where I’m having a problem with the new fonts.

(I use some special symbols for my own purposes that unfortunately are no longer readable with the new fonts.)

If these symbols are not part of the japanese language then no. This only affects japanese language objects.
あ、ア、上。「」?!・ these things

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Hey posting in, has something changed perhaps? As the font / size of things is looking weird again.

Just found this Wanikani Fonts Update - #251 by tofugu-scott

So this style sheet needs an update if you would be able to.