Here’s an app to help you practice reading kana

I created a simple app that generates pages of random hiragana and katakana. There is no audio. There are no tests. It’s just a lot of random characters.


Even though I’ve memorized hiragana and katakana, I read very slowly. I wrote this to drill character recognition, engage my subconscious more, and ultimately read real texts more fluently.

I hope it helps you do the same. :slight_smile:

Please check it out! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t worked with voice on the frontend before, but it could be really neat to have a voice recognition system that would highlight errors of prononciation on some kana and reading speed too. (i.e. number of kana per second or something)

Awesome idea

How many times to you need to push the refresh button before it exactly reproduces いろは? :slightly_smiling_face:


When you’re reading intelligible text you often use context and intuition to fly over certain weaknesses you might have, so I feel like there’s merit in reading a random string of Kana for practice. So thanks for this!

Would you accept a contribution for a dark mode? :no_mouth:

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Thank you so much for this! I still have troubles reading fast although I know them all. So practising this way is good for me! Do you think it‘s possible to include a feature to change fonts? I struggle the most with that kind of font where kanas like ‚ki‘ or ‚ra‘ aren‘t connected with all strokes. (was that understandable?)

Otherwise thank you again!

Totally. I love the idea but my guts says comparing someone’s voice with stock audio (reliably and at reading-speed) is not technology we have readily available right now. I’d love for someone to proove me wrong though.

Ultimately, I think a brain can tell when it’s wrong- instantly, and for free. Maybe it makes more sense to select specific characters that you’re struggling with so that you get more iterations on those? :thinking:

This reminds me of an xkcd classic which always makes me laugh…

Also a good idea. What if you tapped a button while you read? あ-tap-い-tap-う-tap-え. It’s more work, but would make that calculation trivial. Maybe each character would highlight, and tapping advances the highlight?

Otherwise, I could just time how long it took you to click “Next”, but I don’t even know if people use that feature, so it might not provide helpful information.

I’m not sure, but please let me know if you find out empirically.

I’d love that. Link to the repo is at the bottom of the page. Happy to discuss more in GitHub if you need any help, just open an issue.

Yeah, great. Let’s do it. What kind of font do you want?

Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

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I’m kinda already done:

I did it real fast as I don’t have a lot of time, feel free to change places or anything else. I’m opening a PR now.

Edit: I noticed a problem, possibly with that el-drawer thing, when you resize the window to a smaller vertical, the settings content begins overflowing from below and becomes invisible (so the theme option and the Kana choice gets hidden). Doesn’t happen in a maximized view though.

Maybe with google translate API? Like I’ve seen this video where they talk inside the phone and google translate repeat after them. You could talk, use google translate API to convert it to kana, and double check with you kana list.

I can give it a try if you want to, sounds fun :slight_smile:

By all means, please do. I’ll take a look as well.


I just don‘t know whatthat font would be called but just one where kanas like ki or sa are written this way. One which is not that ‚neat‘.

Thank you for your work!