Help on Transitioning to Ver 2

I don’t get anything about transitioning to Ver 2, the deal with Personal Access Tokens… and getting the API ver 2 key. In wkstats, when I tried to click “You can find it here” for the ver 2 key, it still posts ver 1.

Please send help.

Click generate new token here:

then put it into wkstats v2

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Wkstats is not yet fully updated for v2. Go to wkstats for the WIP

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Thanks guys!


Still API Version 1 Key when I generated one.
And still invalid for wkstats.

When you go to the [Personal Access Tokens] page:

  • In the Personal Access Tokens section, if you already have a token, that is your APIv2 key.
  • If you don’t have a token listed, click the “Generate a new token” button, give it a name (anything you want, such as “APIv2 key”), leave the checkboxes at their defaults, then click the “Generate token” button. The generated token is your APIv2 key. Copy it and paste it into wkstats

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