Wkstats not working with API 2

I haven’t been able to use wkstats since API 1 was removed. I get the message “Invalid key format”. Also when I try to access the wkstats v2 link, it just redirects me to wkstats.com. Anyone with the same problem?

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Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already.

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you, like:

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

I hope your Japanese learning journey goes well and that you enjoy your time with us on the forums.


I previously answered this question in this thread:

You can get support for WKstats in the thread [STATS] Statistics site

Essentially though, you should go to your API Key page, click Generate a New Token and then click Generate Token at the bottom of that page (without ticking any off the boxes) then copy the newly created code and go to wkstats.com, click Login at the top right and paste that code exactly as it appears into the box.

It should then give you your stats.

If this doesn’t work, I’d double check there isn’t a space before or after your API key when you paste it and if there isn’t, I’d try clearing your cache if you’d used wkstats before the V1 site changed over the V2 one.

You can find instructions for various browsers here: www.refreshyourcache.com


Thank you very much! It worked by deleting the cache

I’m glad to hear it, that’s two people that’s worked for, so I’ll default to that answer in future, hehe.


That’s also the answer that worked for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sense a trend! hehe

Good, it’s just since the V2 page has been moved onto the V1 page, so that makes sense.

Yep, here’s the actual thread where I found that answer:

Three people. :smiley: I switched browsers since I don’t want to deal with cache clearing at this hour of night, but it’s the same thing really. Thank you!

(BTW if you’re looking at the current version of the page it will ask for your “API 2 key,” if it just asks for the API key then you’re seeing an outdated version.)

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